Friday, June 12, 2009

Muffin tin monday (er Thursday)

Another stolen idea from eternal lizdom

So what we have here is cheese and rice crackers on the ends, Grilled Bacon, fried leftover potato, carrot sticks and seedless grapes...

William checking out his odd dinner...
I'm not sure about this one... It's his usual silly face. might be eating a bit od spud.
Verdict... A hit!
Unfortunately silly boy filled up on bread so didn't finish his cheese and spuds, but all the grapes, carrots and bacon disappared. Then James n I faught over the fried spud!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More pix

At first Georgie didn't want to hop in the bath with Liam
Then she saw all the fun he was having!

Playing in the garden with Georgie and her big sister Amy

Big boys bed!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Meme!

The trick with this one is to type your first name followed by "needs" into Google and then list the first 10 results that pop up. OK I cheated a bit because of double ups but I think most people do the same...

Here we go:

Emma Needs

Emma needs serious help (Always!!!)
Emma Watson really needs to learn to wear her bra (hahahahaha)
Emma needs a belt rather badly.... (ok this is another waston one, I'll skip over any more Emma Watson ones....!)
sexy emma needs a real man (er.. got one thanks)
Emma needs a love song (this one is AWESOME who knew there was a french "60's pop" hit with this name?) you can read more here…. it's bad!
Emma Needs's professional profile on LinkedIn (nah...)
Emma needs more prayers (touching link to very sick baby not included....)
Emma needs a new home (touching LINK to doggy needing a home included... isn't she sweet?)
Emma needs BG check (quite a good flickr pic of little girl on beach checking her blood glucose..
and lastly
Emma needs a mani (nice to end with a link to a blog... WARNING it's extreeeeemy pink!!!)