Friday, August 31, 2007

Wacky weekly challenge

Today I posted an idea for small weekly challenges and I'm happy that I have company. Since it's a new month coming up I think a great day to start is Monday 3rd Sept. I will post reguarly on the message borad but use this blog as a way to keep track of progress.

I have been thinking of ideas for small weekly challenges. I love the idea of alternating each week, one week concentrating on food more and the next week on exercise.

I will add anyone who is keen to do this on this blog to keep track of everyone's progress. I am also open to suggestions.

Here is my personal challenge, below that are others who have joined me.

Week 1: Meticulous charting. NO going over points!!!
Week 2: 30 min walk in EVERY day (this can be broken up to two 15 min walks...)
Week 3: 6 servings of fruit n veg EVERY day!
Week 4 Skytower challenge. Climbing 1267 steps in a week


Week 1 - Stick to core plan every day

Week 2 - 30 mins exercise every day
Week 3 - Drink 2 ltrs water every day
Week 4 - Do 30 mins exercise + add in walks up steps every day

Week 1: 2l water daily
Week 2: 30 min exercise daily
Week 3: Eat extra veg, eat only Core food
Week 4: 30 min exercise daily, walk

Week 1 - track meticulously.
Week 2 - 30 min walk every day.
Week 3 - 2 serves fruit and 5 veg every day.
Week 4 - 15 min weights/sit-ups each day.



Week 1: Stick like glue to points total
Week 2: NO EATING MY STRESS! Walk "urge to eat" off.
Week 3: 10000 steps a day plus usual gym visits
Week 4: Adding 1 extra gym session + combining past 3 weeks.

Welcome Em and Ginny!!!!

Week 1 ...stick
to my points no takeaway

Week 2... Exercise at least 30 mins everyday

Week 3...Exercise at least 45 mins a day

Week 4...Exercise at least 60 mins a day including weights

Week 1 I am going to track everything and keep within my points

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Unflattering before photo

As most larger women I find it much safer to be behind the camera than infront of it. This was sneakily taken at the Zoo a while back when I was at my heaviest.

I will try to take a photo every month to see the shrinking mostly for myself but I hope to inspire others too.

It's funny because it's the opposite of my best friends blog who is recording her wonderfully expanding belly.

In the Beginning

I thought it was time I started a bit of a blog.
Mostly this blog will be used to track my weight loss. So far I've been on Weight Watchers for just under three months and I've lost 7 1/2 kgs.

I'll try put photos up but I'm not sure what I'm doing so it may take a while as I figure out what I'm doing here...

This first entry is short because I'm testing out what this blog thingy can do.

I'm looking forward to posting again.