Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The year is slipping through my fingers

WOW 2007 is nearly up

I'm suffering a small bout of depression and haven't had the energy to post.

The weekend away was lovely but exhausting. My brother-in-law and I managed a cool dip in the Kai iwi lakes but the McFadgen boys stayed out of the chilly waters... Here is a pic of my sexy man at the lake.

NO girls you CAN'T have him he's ALL MINE


Gosh it's getting muggy. I'm regretting having not lost another 10kgs. I've been up and down lately with my eating. I lost the plot tonight with a plate of sweet and sour pork (feeling pretty sick now)
Tomorrow night is the Staff xmas do (WOO)
I will endevour to behave myself.

More soon.

Love n Kisses

Thursday, November 29, 2007

OK I get the message!

sooo... I haven't posted for a while

My excuses are: I've been partly busy with the kid, got a little addicted to facebook (hehe)
and partly because I haven't got any weightloss to report.
IN FACT!!!I'm back up to 109.5kgs from 107.

I'll take a bunch of photos this weekend whilst up in Dargaville and this blog will totally rock.

You'll see!!!

I was looking at a bunch of videos lately and saw one that was taken back in May. It was of William's first steps... I'm sitting in the background looking like Jabba the Hut. What a great thing to see!!! I should have it blown up to remind me not to slip back to old habits.
It reminded me of how far I've come AND where I don't want to end up (AND I would have if I keep going the way I have been this month)

I've been pretty bad lately but I haven't gone back 100% to my wicked ways.
Just the odd cookie and takeaways here and there...

One thing which is really UNFORGIVABLE though, I've gone back to picking! (esp when I'm cooking)
I will have to put pictures up on the fridge!

I'm taking it one day at a time slowly getting back into the swing of things
I've eaten exceptionally well today:

Marmite and toast with a lite hot chocolate at breaky
a Banana and cuppa at morning tea
and a can of apple juice with lovely tuna salad sandwich for lunch.

I have two salads to choose from tonight (Classic and Coleslaw)
(I'm making American hot dogs for the boys tonight and will have to restrict myself to sharing one with William)

OK non weight related stuff
I'm down to working four days a week while the Library shuts on Sundays over summer school. This gives me time to spend with my boys all summer. AAAH

Sunday James, William and I went to the Auckland Botanic gardens with my parents
All was lovely until we left and mb wee boy fell in the fountain
In the picture here... you can see how it's ground level. Liam was lying on his belly dangling his fingers in the water and somehow toppled forward!!

I was right next to him and he didn't even have time to swallow any water but we all got a big fright.

We had a GREAT day Monday hanging out at home together. I think I did about 1000 loads of washing and cleaned up the house a bit... I let William go naked in the back garden and have water play. I believe it's a good way for him to discover how his body works and all...

Tuesday I had a really busy day. Started off visiting William's wee girlfriend Georgia who's a week younger than him, then to my best friend's place to hang out with Isaac (her new 1 1/2 week old boy!) After lunch I drove up to Orewa to visit the in-laws who are holidaying up there.
William was very happy to see Nana and Pop Pop. There was plenty to see and do and he had the best time UNTIL he got stung by a bee!
OMG I felt so helpless! poor little guy!
We didn't have anything on us except antiseptic cream. He eventually calmed down and was distracted by some visiting ducklings. aaaw.
The best thing about Orewa is not the stunning beach nor is it the fact it's not too far from Auckland NO the GREAT thing about Orewa according to William is the ROAD!
The main road was really busy. We sat on a low fence and waved at all the massive trucks making them toot their horns
He LOVED it. Oh my... we even had a couple concrete mixers and an ambulance which flashed it's lights. We were pretty warn out by the end of the day and Will slept in the car all the way home. When he woke up at home remembered the sting on his little hand and cried for nearly an hour. There was nothing we could do! I gave him a bath to cool him down and then sat on the couch with him wrapped up in his towel and sung to him.
Finally the combination of momma cuddles and singing calmed down but I started crying with relief and couldn't sing. Good thing Daddy took over in the singing department.

Gee! I don't know how parent's cope when their kids get really sick.

I didn't sleep well at all that night, I wanted to keep checking up on the boy to make sure he was breathing ok because I heard allergies to beestings can manifest really slowly.

He woke up the next morning fine but was quite warm all day but today he's a box of birds. I left him this morning at crèche looking for bugs...

Well that's it for now.
(OH don't cry!!!)

I promise to post next week with holiday snaps and more stuff to talk about.

Friday, October 26, 2007

15 days of nothing much

Well life has kinda been stagnating for the past couple of weeks. I haven't had my head in the game for quite a while. I got sick and then just lost the mojo…

But I haven't TOTALLY gone off the rails either, just not going HARD OUT anymore. I think that’s what has been good about WW. It’s made me think about portion size and really BAD foods to stay away from. WW has also given me an awareness of when I’m snacking so I can sometimes stop myself when I find myself eating after meals.

I guess this is what you are supposed to do when you reach goal to maintain your weight. Pity I’m not there yet eh?

My weekly challenge is to loose a KG this week. Not sure if I will but I’m hoping for a loss.

Having a stressful week. My mum broke her wrist yesterday and will need some pins put in so she had to stay in hospital overnight waiting to have a CAT scan. She will have to go back in next week to have the surgery! I’m waiting to hear from my Dad this afternoon to let me know when she’s home…

I’ve had some yummy healthy dinners the past two nights. Lamb shank and spuds done in the crock-pot with fresh corn on the cob and a LOVELY beef stew on rice last night. Thinking of the lamb is making me hungry.

OK better go have some lunch.


Friday, October 12, 2007

AAAaaahhh to be noticed!

Finally the hard work paid off and I got what I've been hoping for... Someone to notice and say OH my goodness Emma you've lost so much weight!
I know it's incredibly vain but I wanted it BADLY. In my mind it wasn't real until someone who didn't know I was actively trying to lose weight looked at me and actually noticed.

IT’S soooooo REAL BABY

OK I'm a realist and not ashamed to admit that I'm doing it to LOOK GOOD! It’s not the only reason or even the most important reason but it's still up there. Other reasons range from wanting to feel proud of achieving my goal (I NEVER FINISH WHAT I START!!!) to being able to keep up with my boy as he gets older, to feeling more comfortable in my clothes and, of course let’s not forget being healthier and sexier in general.

The past couple of weeks I have been sick as a dog so my intentional weightloss has been on the backburner. I’ve eaten anything that will stay down so that was mostly salty junk food and bread washed down with sugar laden fizzy drinks… I have finally got my apatite back so I better start watching what I eat again.

I also quit WW. OK it’s not as drastic as it sounds! I can’t afford to be a member anymore but I’m still going to visit the boards for support and I’ve made a spreadsheet of most of the foods I eat so can chart when I feel I need to. The major thing I’ve learned in this journey is to be conscious of what I’m putting in my mouth. The irony here is I’m typing and eating Pizza! At least I’m conscious of the fact I’m doing it (hehe)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wacky weekly challenges end of week 4!!!

Isn't time FLYING.
Soon it will be Christmas. I'm really looking forward to Christmas. Firstly I just LOVE it and secondly because my dear friends from Oz are heading over and I am missing them incredibly.

OK enough sidetracking...
I am very close to completing my "sky tower challenge" I decided to make it the 1267 steps to the sky deck! v's the 1026 steps to the observation deck...

I'm doing ok with the eating (not tracking very well!) I just had pumpkin soup for lunch with some yummy fresh wholemeal toast...

I've set myself a new Challenge this week. One raw carrot, and two apples a day.
and alongside the food I'm going to start sit-ups. Monday (tomorrow) I'll do 15 and then add one each day. (hence starting low!!!)

This will be on top of my 30 minutes a day AND physio exercises for my shoulder (When I remember to do them!!)

Some of you have posted what you will be doing next week....
Here is a reminder for you:

MIMBLES: will be hitting the sack by 10pm every night and restricting the puter for 4 hours a day.

Welcome aboard BEX!!! who will be exercising each day and not using her exercise points. She's also cutting her points down to 20 a day.

ANNE is sticking 100% to Core and will drink extra water each day and do some Pilates
(I will be asking how this goes and If you remembered how to do it =0p )

Welcome Alicia who has challenged herself to drink 2L of water a day...

and Robyn who is going to stick strictly to core foods and continue to add stairs into her daily walk time!

Chrissy will have at least 2 fruit serves everyday and her water and walk and climb 1267 steps (PHEW!)

This week's challenge for Newcomer Jo is:
* to Drink at least 1 litre of water per day
*Eat fish once this week (often left off our menu but shouldn't be) (I might nick this for next week I'm the same!!!)
*Exercise 30 minutes x 4 times this week. (I am a hater of exercise)

Sunnyday is going all out with

* Increase the intensity of my walks and gym sessions

** Try a totally different dinner every night of the week

*** Vary my lunch's

**** think positive

***** Do stomach exercises 5 times

DEDALUSDIGGLE's challenge is:

*To drink two litres of water a day

** To do 5 thirty minute walks this week

*** To eat a salad each day

**** To eat all the meat I bought yesterday before it goes out of date, and without going over my points

Shazzywamble is going to go out for a walk everyday (even if it's for only 1/2 hour)and will also concentrate on water and make sure I drink 2+ L water per day.

SMILINGEYES Joins us with her challenge:
*make wise food choices when eating out
*eat at least one piece of fruit each day(have no trouble when at work but forget when at home)
*exercise 6 out of 7 days this week
*try 4 new recipes

OK that seems pretty good. I'll check up daily on the message boards as usual to make sure you are all managing with your challenges.
It's awesome to see so many new faces joining in.... I guess the invitation worked.
Let me know how you are getting on.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow's weigh in. (Hoping to officially go over the 10kgs lost and maybe even 10%!)

****OK update. I managed the 10kgs but not as easily as I could have. I was so great right up till last night and then I've totally gone off the rails. I am still going to eat my carrot and apples today AND do my situps... Will try harder to resist the crappy food tomorrow.****

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Week 3

Happy Talk like a pirate day.
Well I be doin fine. I had a lovely two days with the little landlubber... Zoo and Chipmunks play park (shiver me timbers)
Lost another kg so my spirits are up
So close to that 10kg mark I can smell it.
Maybe next monday!
Having trouble eating all my vegies. Will be good tonight
I have HEAPS of fruit for lunch today.
(no skurvy for me yarr)
I hope to upload my photos of the zoo tonight

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Still doing ok

Its the end of another successful week. I’m looking forward to Monday’s weigh in. I’m finding walking just 30 minutes every day is too easy I’ll have to step up the exercise.

It’s semester break at work so it’s reeeaaallly quiet here on the weekends.
Skin’s still awesome

I am still having shoulder problems. I woke up yesterday with two lumps at the base of my skull and had my physio guy look at them.. Turns out to be stress points connected to my shoulders. (they are bigger today! Yikes)

I was going to go for a walk last night but ended up playing in Albert park with the under 2s from my son’s crèche in the afternoon, which included climbing a tree, chasing after kids and pushing prams so I think I TOTALLY did my 30 mins and deserved a peaceful night.

The weather forecast lied and it’s a LOVERLY day here in Auckland
I might go for a walk downtown to find a good place for a pedicure for Friday night.

I decided to do a tally of losses since I started the weekly challenges to see how much we’ve all lost... Might be interesting eh?

So far Mimbles, GInny and I combined have lost 2.3kgs

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New me

I'm feeling so FRESH! I had a hair cut today and am feeling a lot less frumpy.

I have in total lost 8.3kgs and still nobody has noticed...

OK lets look at the positive....
My skin is DEELISH!!! I started a new skin regime (OK my last was er... washing!)
I use Nivia goodby celulite on my butt, belly and thighs, and Aveeno extra dry everywhere else.
I feel BEAUTIFUL. literaly.
It's so amazing! Here is the best thing, for about 2 years I've had bumpy skin on the tops of my arms now its GONE!

Woo Hoo! (DH is very happy with his wife's smooooth new skin)
I'm hoping that this will also help with the sag factor. My poor skin has been stretched out to this size for more than a decade.

Guess what else is gone??? My gastric reflux... I'm kinda skeptical about this one... expecting it to come back any day now but WOW I've been drug free for over a month. (HOLY MOLEY)
I'm chalking this one up to an apple a day and fat free diet... (can't be the weight itself because I've had reflux since I was in the 70s)

I'm doing OK with the exercise this week. I didn't have enough time for my 30 mins of walking so got in two 10 min walks and run up 5 flights of stairs (I think that's enough!)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Wacky weekly Chalenge week 2

I just typed a bunch of stuff and then it all missapeared


OK let me try remember what I wrote (SIGH!)

Hi and welcome to week 2 of my weekly challenge.
I think most people doing the challenge are doing something similar to me, which is walking or exercising for 30 minutes a day.

I've switched to core and am doing much better

I am in a great mood! The scales are moving in the right direction (Down another 1.8kgs)
I think last weeks weigh in was a little up due to retention.

I haven't done my 30 minutes yet.

I better go and track my day's eating... I had the YUMMIEST pumpkin tortilinni soup for lunch.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Week 1 of my weekly chalange

Day 4...
Still positive. I think I'll see results on the scales this week. I went for a jog after dinner last night. I didn't get too depressed at my inlaws even when my FIL asked DH if HE had lost weight. He was wearing pants that are now WAY too big for him. I was a little crushed but didn't get as down as I'd have expected.
My hubbie is in the 60's so a small loss makes a HUGE difference. Because we are both eating healthier, he's losing weight too. I've been encouraging him to eat pies and chips at work so he dosen't get too skinny!

I have come to a kind of Zen realisation that people will notice one day. I'm actually now hoping my inlaws don't notice for a while longer because my sister inlaw is going away for over a year.

How cool would it be if she didn't know and then came back in like 2009 to see only half of me!!!!
Wait that would make me only 56 and a half kgs.... MAYBE NOT eh?


Day 3....

Well I think I'm doing ok...

I have tried to chart (having trouble finding the time)
I have been eating reasonably well but could do a bit better.

Managed to drink over 2L water yesterday between washing the car, scrubbing the floor and general housework.

I'm having trouble getting past this plateau. I should take my own advice that I give others. Shake things up a bit. I might go for a walk in the rain after my physio.

I’m very proud of those who have joined the challenge.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy yoda

Hello faithfull readers.

I'm having a brill day. I went through my wardrobe this morning before work and can fit a few more outfits. My confidence is up and I'm feeling very cheeky and Dare I say it SEXY!

James took photos of me this morning and as you can see I have a waist!
I'm sooo looking forward to hips, cheek bones and a jaw line.

My Wacky Weekly Challenge starts tomorrow and I'm not prepared.
I will have to do a spot of shopping if I want to stick only to core food.

I debated last night whether to tell my inlaws about the weightloss or to continue to use them as my litmus test. James pointed out that they ARE pretty unobservant AND see me every week so maybe not the right people to use. I however stayed strong and kept it to myself. I'm going to try really hard to not get my hopes up every week to only have them dashed.

Like a young Rachel Hunter said "it won't happen overnight but it WILL HAPPEN"


Friday, August 31, 2007

Wacky weekly challenge

Today I posted an idea for small weekly challenges and I'm happy that I have company. Since it's a new month coming up I think a great day to start is Monday 3rd Sept. I will post reguarly on the message borad but use this blog as a way to keep track of progress.

I have been thinking of ideas for small weekly challenges. I love the idea of alternating each week, one week concentrating on food more and the next week on exercise.

I will add anyone who is keen to do this on this blog to keep track of everyone's progress. I am also open to suggestions.

Here is my personal challenge, below that are others who have joined me.

Week 1: Meticulous charting. NO going over points!!!
Week 2: 30 min walk in EVERY day (this can be broken up to two 15 min walks...)
Week 3: 6 servings of fruit n veg EVERY day!
Week 4 Skytower challenge. Climbing 1267 steps in a week


Week 1 - Stick to core plan every day

Week 2 - 30 mins exercise every day
Week 3 - Drink 2 ltrs water every day
Week 4 - Do 30 mins exercise + add in walks up steps every day

Week 1: 2l water daily
Week 2: 30 min exercise daily
Week 3: Eat extra veg, eat only Core food
Week 4: 30 min exercise daily, walk

Week 1 - track meticulously.
Week 2 - 30 min walk every day.
Week 3 - 2 serves fruit and 5 veg every day.
Week 4 - 15 min weights/sit-ups each day.



Week 1: Stick like glue to points total
Week 2: NO EATING MY STRESS! Walk "urge to eat" off.
Week 3: 10000 steps a day plus usual gym visits
Week 4: Adding 1 extra gym session + combining past 3 weeks.

Welcome Em and Ginny!!!!

Week 1 ...stick
to my points no takeaway

Week 2... Exercise at least 30 mins everyday

Week 3...Exercise at least 45 mins a day

Week 4...Exercise at least 60 mins a day including weights

Week 1 I am going to track everything and keep within my points

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Unflattering before photo

As most larger women I find it much safer to be behind the camera than infront of it. This was sneakily taken at the Zoo a while back when I was at my heaviest.

I will try to take a photo every month to see the shrinking mostly for myself but I hope to inspire others too.

It's funny because it's the opposite of my best friends blog who is recording her wonderfully expanding belly.

In the Beginning

I thought it was time I started a bit of a blog.
Mostly this blog will be used to track my weight loss. So far I've been on Weight Watchers for just under three months and I've lost 7 1/2 kgs.

I'll try put photos up but I'm not sure what I'm doing so it may take a while as I figure out what I'm doing here...

This first entry is short because I'm testing out what this blog thingy can do.

I'm looking forward to posting again.