Sunday, November 30, 2008


James, William and myself went to motat today (the post title isn't a spelling mistake, that's what William calls it... aaah bless)

We met my Mum and Dad and had nice a picnic out there.
It's a STUNNER of a day. Hot, sunny with a slight breeze. Along with the usual stuff they had a lollypop making demo which was pretty cool BUT they charged $2 for kids to make their own sweets. We didn't have any cash on us AND Mr. had the greebliest hands.

I'm at the in-laws right now visiting Mike. He's just got back from the UK and James is catching him up with gaming geekiness. Liam is asleep so I thought I'd finish my off NaBloPoMo while I can.

I'm pretty proud I actually survived it considering I have had pretty stink health. The migraines are getting less frequent and hopefully my asthma will let up and I can actually get out and enjoy being active with my boy.

I'll upload photos tomorrow if I have time.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Grrr Arrg

I blogged yesterday about the work Christmas party
SOMETIMES it can be seen OTHERTIMES it looks like Alphabutt is the last entry I did

**That seems to have sorted itself out**

phew.... I HAVEN'T failed NaBloPoMo!!!!

I also couldn't get on it last night to upload photos **Now done yay**
It works it works it works

**Happy dance**

Twitter the other day added thirty days to all my twitter times...odd.

Yup, It's totally nuts!!!

I checked my archive and the above post I wrote and published this morning was on record as posted on the 25th November!
I Really hope this works.

This is the third time I blogged today.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas parties

Today is the first of three Christmas parties we have at work
They get smaller and smaller
AUT staff, then AUT library Staff and finally AUT Liaison Librarian picnic.

The theme for today's party is KIWIANA

got a few pre party pictures of the kid playing around in the quad with the sheep and kiwi (not real)

it's overcast and windy

More later
The party was REALLY tame. Although the clouds were blown away and it was super hot. The lines for Lunch were so long I didn't even bother with it. Just went straight for coke and cake.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Alphabutt lyrics

I really LOVE my new Kimya Dawson CD
so does William
It was choice to see his wee face light up when he heard Bobby-O for the first time (besides me singing it to him)

It MAY look like I'm running out of things to post for NaBloPoMo but I think there is a real NEED for the lyrics of these AMAZING songs to be posetd somewhere on the interweb.

In no particular order
(Perhaps it's preference)

Bobby-O, Bobby-O
Skinny younger brother of Fabio
Rode his horse down to Mexico
Oh Bobby-O,

His horses’ name was Rambo
But Rambo was really slow
(How slow was he?)
He didn’t go
Oh Bobby-O,

He got a job down in Mexico
Teaching water aerobics in a sombrero
All the old ladies sure thought he was a pro
Doing jumping jacks in a pink Speedo
Oh Bobby-O,

He did something naughty
What it was we’ll never know
But the hotel owner said “Man you gotta go”
Pack your bathing suit and don’t forget Rambo
Oh Bobby-O,

Bobby-O, Bobby-O
Skinny younger brother of Fabio
Rode his horse down to Mexico
Oh Bobby-O,

Panda Bear
You are my little panda bear; little panda bear
I love you, yes I do
And all the funny things you do, I love you
Yes I do

You are my little panda bear; panda bears are rare
Yes it’s true, there’s only a few
And there’s no other one like you
I love you.

I change the Lyrics for William and sing:

Blondie Bear
You are my little Blondie Bear; little Blondie Bear
I love you, yes I do
And the funny things you do I love you

You are my little Blondie Bear; Blondie Bear’s are rare
Yes it’s true, there’s only 2
And there’s no other one like you
I love you.

Smoothie (Made me cry and cry)

Hey Papa, make Mama a smoothie
make mamma a smoothie right now
Hey Papa, make Mama a smoothie
coz when Mama drinks a smoothie little baby goes WILD

And it starts splashing and a-splishn like a school of little fishes
If a school of little fish was in me
Then glub glubglub like a fart in the tub
like a fart in the tub inside of me
and then the head and butt start rollin
like two balls bowling, perfect games on the lanes inside me
then a great big kick up under my ribs
that feels like nothing else
but assures me of the health and the length and the strength of my little baby

Because when baby is feelin lazy
Mama goes crazy thinkin something’s wrong
And then Mama runs to Papa and she sings him this little song

Hey Papa, make Mama a smoothie
make mamma a smoothie right now
Hey Papa, make Mama a smoothie
coz when Mama drinks a smoothie little baby goes WILD

And it starts splashing and a-splishn like a school of little fishes
If a school of little fish was in me
Then glub glubglub like a fart in the tub
like a fart in the tub inside of me
and then the head and butt start rollin
like two balls bowling, perfect games on the lanes inside me
then a great big kick up under my ribs
that feels like nothing else
but assures me of the health and the length and the strength of my little baby

Hey Papa, make Mama a smoothie
make mamma a smoothie right now
Hey Papa, make Mama a smoothie
coz when Mama drinks a smoothie little baby goes WILD

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shameless plug

Although I don’t have the greatest readership I thought I would use this forum to plug my Brother-in-law, in-law’s new music vid.

I think it’s quite groovy
It’s kinda got a Jack Johnsonny vibe. All’s good as long as you don’t say he sounds a bit like Jamiroquai
He HATES Jamiroquai


Bit of trivia. His girlfriend is one of the girls in the bar. woo.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

OOH Two for Tuesday!

One thing I forgot to mention in zekes-bleeding was that he was BOTH unwarranted and unregistered when it broke down. It was REALLY lucky the cop that stopped to see if I was OK didn’t check those things because I had NO IDEA. I thought James had done the rego that week so wasn’t having preverbal kittens. Little did I know that he tried to register the car only to find out he had let the WOF run out.

When do you actually call it quits on a car?

We just got a quote for Zeke... He needs new break pads, radiator, wheels and side mirror. We've been quoted around $1400 for the repair work. I don't think that the car is actually worth that much BUT once it's fixed we could probably get years more from him.

I don't want to give up on such a reliable little car but perhaps we are being silly. Toyota Rolly's are pretty popular and I'm sure we could have gotten second hand parts BUT these things all take time and effort and quite frankly I don't think we have the energy or know-how to do it.

I guess James and I just have to bite the bullet cough up the dough and get poor Zeke roadworthy again.

What does she do all day?

Perhaps I'm grasping at straws topic-wise, but I thought I'd blog about my job today.
I’m sure you have that burning question: What does a Emma spend her day doing? WELL lucky you… I'm going to answer it.
Sorry Penny. I guess this one will be dreadfully boring for you since you too are a Liaison Librarian!

Firstly I LOVE my job. It's varied enough to be interesting but never too stressful or exhausting. Or perhaps I've just forgotten how busy the beginning of the year gets because it's November and I'm taking it easy...
There is also the added bonus of having the creche in the same building and I can go down for hugs instead of afternoon tea (much better calorie-wise)

Firstly to clear up some confusion, Academic libraries all seem to have different names for the same type of job. Liaison/reference/subject... librarian I believe are all much of a muchness. I guess most of us are happy with our positions, I’ve heard it can be hard to get Subject librarian jobs because once we’re in we NEVER LEAVE.

Here’s a basic way to look at my job by breaking it down to three main components:
Collection Development (choosing books/journals)
Information Literacy (showing students how to find journals and books by teaching classes, creating guides, setting up appointments and sitting at the help desk)
Chatting with Lecturers about the above two things.

By November one should have spent their entire budget and usually there are no more classes to teach. So again you ask... What do I do all day? (besides update my blog lol)
To be able to manage the workload at the beginning of the academic year I like to use quieter times to prepare lists of books that I should purchase next year. At the beginning of each semester we have Orientation and plenty of classes to keep us busy AND at the same time we are also given our new budgets. It’s always great to have a nice rather long list of books to pick from easily and order to help churn through the budget.

I've also had fun touching up my libguide and offering assistance to other librarians working on theirs. I’m still finding the freedom of being able to update things myself pretty cool. I also like bestowing suggestions on those who are just starting their guides. The latest was offering the picture for the early_childhood LibGuide… (yep I did get permission from the teacher and parent of the kid facing the camera)

There is always desk shifts on the reference desk (again VERY quiet this time of year... so quiet I'm ACTUALLY writing this whilst sitting at the desk.) Conferences, forums and meetings.

So I guess I do do work at work.. Awesome!

Monday, November 24, 2008

New Addiction

No not drugs or drinking… I got a link to this game magic pen from my sister in-law. Its pretty great BUT you end up saying those four fateful words. “Just one more go…”

James and I actually fight over it “no you’re doing it wrong” “Oh let me have a go I CAN DO IT” I’m sure we sound more like arguing children not a happily married couple with a kid!

Right now Liam is watching Cars, he can almost single-handedly operate the DVD player. I’ve a busy day ahead, Washing up after last night’s dinner and gaming. I also need to do a spot of clothes washing, bake banana muffins and then pack the boy’s bag for Granny’s. Toss in a quick dash around the shops for more Christmas presents on the way to Mums and then I need to pick up James from work (
Zeke’s in the garage getting a makeover)
Sooo cute I was just about to upload this and check my email before getting on with my day and I hear “Help me Mommy; Help I’m stuck” Thinking the worst I run to rescue my boy and he’s stuck behind our recliner. He had like three food clearance on the other side but was trying to squeeze himself between the wall and recliner. Silly monkey!

OK enjoy the game (or hate me for showing you it…) James and I are both almost finished all the levels (I’m on the second to last one, he’s on the last.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


NO I'm not angry it's an Ork war cry and the name of the game try to play fortnightly. Tonight is roleplaying night (Probably the last one for the year) and I'm getting my Waargh on. (Although Technically I don't play an Ork)

The Game is a made up D10 game based on loosely on Gorkamorka

The game’s been running quite some time; I believe James has been playing this same game since before he met me. OK MOST of the original characters have died off, the gamers however (well some of them) remain the same.
Tonight we should have probably six.

Initially James kept me informed on campaigns and stories from the game and had an idea which I TOTALLY ran with and CRUSH was born. I'm a steamroller/terminator/Ork/WALL-E. When I entered the game I was terrifying. Speaking only in Latin with a vocabulary of 20 words I was magnificent to behold.

Like WALL-E I'm incredibly old and a little kooky
Much like the terminator I am powerfully destructive and quite quite task oriented. (I was built to crush rocks but after about 1000 years I kinda want to make EVERYTHING flat)
I'm about the size of a steamroller with a roller wheel in front, demolition ball tail and little T-rex hands.

After several game sessions I end up going to a MEK (Ork mechanic) and get more GUBBINS put in my head which made me more Ork-like This gave me a vocab (thank goodness) and a bit of an attitude and now I think I’m the NOB (boss) Still goal oriented I have one thing I MUST do. Unfortunately I don’t think GM James will let that happen. (Open the door I came out of)
Should be a good night.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Cure

No I'm not going to talk about the popular 80s Goth/rock band
I'm going to bore you all with migraine stuff AGAIN.

Can you tell I'm finding NaBloPoMo a bit of a struggle today?

I've tried giving things up and adding other things to my diet. Cat scans, preventer and reliever drugs and nothing works all the time.

I am sensitive to
Tyramine and once cut everything I could out of my diet containing high amounts of the stuff, it helped but I also suffer stress, menstrual and even seasonal migraines too so YAY ME

The only thing I have found that helps most of the time is eating a McDonalds Cheeseburger and Fries. It made me start wondering what they put in their food.

It's not just the combination of protein, salt and carbs that does it because BELIEVE me I've tried plenty of alternatives: Subway, vending machine chips and nuts, even Burger King...
Is it the placebo effect? I doubt it because I REALLY want it to work when I'm trying alternatives and once BELIEVED that it was salt, carbs and protein that was the key

SO what REALLY goes into a "Happy Meal?" Perhaps the secret ingredient is serotonin...

Either way it works for me and it worked last night where neurofen and coffee failed. (I KNOW I'm weak caved last night and took pain killers but I don't think pain killers had time to be a be absorbed into my bloodstream before I lost them along with my coffee and lunch...)

Looking forward to a quiet day at home with my lovely boys... Maybe we'll wrap some Christmas presents.


Friday, November 21, 2008

HeadOn (It goes on your head)

Desperate for pain relief that will not cause an analgesic rebound migraine, (YES I HAVE ANOTHER FLAMING HEADACHE!!!) I ask the pharmacist if Headon is full of crap. Her answer was ... Well we sell a lot of it. ***note to friends it IS full of crap***


OK I dubiously fork over my EFTOPS card and go back to work and give it a go.

First of all it kinda burnt. I think my pores were pretty open from my march up the hill in the hot sun!
Being quite uncomfortable after about fifteen minutes, I give up and go to the bathroom and try to rinse it off.


OK try imagine sucking a VERY strong peppermint and then downing an Ice Water

My forehead is incredibly cold (not to the touch according to other people though).
When I put my hands on my forehead it feels like I'm touching it with ice.

I think my headache is a little better but I can't really tell. I might just be distracted.
I have to admit it is getting me through the day. I ended up with a very bad migraine instead lucky me!

Google seppuku
For those unfamiliar with the term can check out the comic it comes from Google_seppuku (Content may really really offend)

Basically we use the term for when we find something on Google images we wish we didn't. I’m sure it happens to everyone from time to time. Today's was the worst I've had. So here’s my word of warning. When looking for today's illustration for my blog I searched in Google image for "Headon"
The results made me dizzy and feel incredibly sick. There were upsetting images of little aborted babies in pieces. It was much worse than the search I did ages ago for a jumper and got images of suicide victims.

Can ya’ll tell I'm having the bestist day? I might go home for a good cry.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

twenty days down, batteries not included.

Now in purple....

Well I've made it through 20 days of blogging without stumbling
Maybe I can make it... WITHOUT blogging about my shoes

I thought I'd regail you all (all three of you) with another cute story

About a week ago, when I was stiff from too much Nintendo Wii. I was sitting on the floor and twisted my back and it REALLY HURT. I kinda crumpled sideways and lay really still on the floor.
Liam was next to me and after mummy not moving for about 30 seconds James told him that mummy was a bit little broken and we needed to be very gentle with her. Liam then found two AA batteries James had taken out of the camera and left on the coffee table. He sat down beside and started stuffing them up my trouser leg:
“There you are mummy, I have a batteries for you”
After a while I was able to sit up and had fully recovered within an hour. I’m sure the batteries helped.

I have the most thoughtful sweet little boy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas shopping

PHEW I'm "baarr humbuged" out already.

I did the silliest thing. I picked my boy up from creche on my lunch break and asked him if he wanted to come buy presents with me. Firstly I couldn't find his shoes so he went bare foot and I had to carry him most of the way.

THEN we went to Smith and Caugheys to look in their window. It's decked out amazingly as usual. I didn't have my camera on me so I stole the below image of a previous years display but you get the picture....

William was ENCHANTED. We then went to the shoe shop because it was wrong and bad to walk around the city with no shoes on! I FINALLY found a pair that looked good and fit him (hardly any in his size!!!) I guess there isn't much of a market for kids shoes in a downtown shoe store. I notice that the Farmers store in the city doesn't have kids clothes either. THEN lunch which was lovely (Just a foodhall meat pie and cake with tea) BUT there was a string quartet. aaaw. Again enchanting William

Finally we get to Borders to look at books and my time is basically up. I searched on their database and find NONE of the books I had in mind (POOP) William and I look briefly at kids books and I pick three for little friends and then drag William to the checkout complaining because he wants me to buy the entire shop.

Up the hill back to work and creche. (I’ve only just stopped wheezing)
I stop by and leave my bags with books and junk at my office on the way to drop the little guy back at creche. Running extremely late outside the library and Liam stops to take his pants off because he's too hot.


The clingasaurous then didn't want to let me go back to work. After 160 cuddles, a nappy change, refusal to read him books or engage in any games I finally am able to sneak back to work.
I think I'll have to have very short lunches for the rest of the week to make up for that one. Maybe I should restrict my Christmas shopping to Mondays after I've dropped the little man off at my parents' place.

Although I really do like spending time with the little guy

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My boys (Hope it’s not too saccharine)

OK. I’m sorry if you are tired of this subject, I know I already rave about my little family. I just felt like dedicating today’s post to my very sexy husband James and lovely little Blondie Bear William aka Liam.

James is truly my soul-mate. Although sometimes I can get short tempered, impatient, childish and even petulant he loves me unconditionally. I know without a doubt that whatever I need he will get for me. James will happily hop out of a warm bed even if he’s really sleepy, he’ll gladly go fetch my water bottle, glasses, my bag or the moon if I ask. (I believe this is totally fair because he can fall asleep at the drop of a hat and it takes me AGES especially if I have to get up.)

I believe am an intelligent, strong and perfectly capable woman yet I still like having my manly man do things for me. There are things I haven’t yet learnt that he has some idea about. The other day, for example, I realised the hard way how little I knew about cars AND they do in fact scare the crap out of me! James can patiently sit and fix something that I’ve lost my cool with and being Mr Fix-it also makes him feel ever-so manly.

James is an awesome Daddy and he’s really passionate about fatherhood and wonderfully involved in raising his sweet boy. He comes up with the cutest little “daddy son” games spydars was invented by James.

He makes me feel amazing about myself. I’m sure you’ve all heard “you’re only as old as the person you feel” James being five years younger than me surely keeps me young. I love the fact he can have a laugh. Let his gorgeous hair down and be silly.

And Liam WHERE DO I START? You started as my precious little Jellybeanu and have grown into a busy, funny, smart, caring little boy. I know mums are biased but it’s true that you are getting more and more adorable by the second!

You have already taught me so many things, you have given me my loud mommy voice to sing songs to you. You reminded me that splashing in the bath, spinning around till you are dizzy and blowing raspberries are super fun, that bugs/rocks/flowers/trees/cars/spider webs and fire are really cool to look at and you made me notice EVERY concrete mixer that passes us when we are in the car. Your radiant smile can brighten my day and a snuggle and kiss can melt my grumpy mood.

I’m incredibly blessed to have such amazing boys in my life.

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's going to be really weird tomorrow

I've changed my working hours and from tomorrow I'll be working Tue-Sat till semester 1
Mum and Dad offered to take Liam so our new routine is Drop the boy off on Monday and they drop him off Tuesday night.
William's really comfortable with sleepovers and has been doing them for quite some time
He loves all his grandparents and we are very lucky to have them.

Hope he is a good boy tomorrow

The weird thing isn't going to be the fact he's not around... It's breaking our routine and not going to work with him. (his creche is below the library)

My parents are planning to take William to the airport.
They live about 5 minutes drive away and it's the best place to take a toddler in the rain.
HEAPS of room to run around. Airplanes to look at and there is a HUGE indoor playground to play in.

Sorry it isn't the most scintillating blog entry. Poor James has been trying to get a game to work tonight.

He hasn't been able to get it running
He's sad.

Better go give him snuggles

Cyber snuggles to my readers too

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Zacky baby


Today was my best mate's little boy's first birthday
The weather held up nicely and we had a lovely day.
James, william and I all caught a little sun on our arms and faces (not too much)

William stayed up till hometime (after 4). He fell asleep in the car on the way home and is still in bed at 9.30
I'm hoping like anything that he's down for the night.

The only fly in the ointment is that I forgot the camera.
I'll have to wait for Milly to send me her photos... I do recall taking a pretty good one of William,
Zak and Georgie in the sandpit together **ta daaa!!!***

and the CAKE!!!!

Lucky Milly, Her mum's best mate is a cake decorator and makes the MOST beautiful cakes.

Hope to get pix up ASAP
Well, folding laundry is calling (Watching Buffy Season 1 too!!!)

Another photo of Amy (Georgie's sister) "wearing" Party hats


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Zeke's bleeding.

On the weekend I get to drive Zeke our little green toyota hatchback to and from work. I noticed the oil light go on half way to work and thought to myself that I should probably ring and tell James about it when I got to work.

I never made it (well in Zeke that is)

Zooming along the motorway in the fast lane (because my exit's on the right) it all turns to custard. I look at the temperature gage and it's hot. EEK! I notice the car is slowing down, all the warning lights come on and Zeke starts making quite a straining high pitched sound so I thought OK not going to make it, better pull over. The thing is, it's really hard to do so at 70kph when all the traffic on the other three lanes are zooming by at 110!!! Holding my breath I dodge three lanes Saturday morning drivers and make it to the shoulder and shakily ring James to save me.

"OH isn't there oil and water in the boot, can't you just top it up?"
By this time I'm pretty freaked out and cars are zooming by me so fast the little car is shuddering.
"I don't know how" I wail pathetically "I can't even get out of the car"

So poor pyjama clad James has to break his lovely Saturday morning routine of watching cartoons with his boy to come rescue me. William but up a MAJOR fuss, he wouldn't get his clothes on and protested passionately until James said "Mummy's car is Broken and we need to go SAVE her. She's frightened and crying." Well that got him in the car!!!

Da da-da da da-da-daaaaa McFadgen boys to the rescue!

Half an hour later with oil and water in the car we set off. James following in case something else goes wrong. I make it off the motorway to the first set of traffic lights. There looks to be SMOKE coming out from the engine. Hazards back on I gesture for James to come and he swaps cars with me saying it's probably excess oil burning off or something. So I jump in Moby (our nice White station wagon) with William and say "meet you at work"

FANTASTIC MOVE!!! Now I have NO BAG, NO PHONE and a 2 year old!

I circle the city block around AUT looking for signs of James and give up park and take William into work (arriving an hour late) James had actually PARKED Zeke in my work parking building and wasn't too far behind me entering the library.

I now have a stinking headache and still an hour left sitting at the information desk (Of which I've had 6 enquiries)

I'm still trying to stay away from pain killers (mostly) so popped out for a subway 6-Inch meatball sub and vitamin drink to try cure my inevitable stress Migraine and pop in to see how poor Zeke is... There is a rusty trail of water running about five car-spots from our poor car. After ringing James AGAIN he assured me that it was like that when he left it and I have to try put more water in it before I go home tonight. If LOADS of water goes in the leak is extensive if not it's just a small leak.

Fingers crossed.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Birthday photos

On the ferry on the way to Waiheke Island. Looks like the boys are having Loads of fun.

An abandond half sunk boat provided William with much imaginitive play time. By now he was pretty tired after walking along the beach. He REALLY didn't like the walk back...

Look what I've got daddy... The best thing about talking along this beach was popping the sea weed along the way. As satisfying as bubble wrap!

I had the lovliest time
Sorry there aren't any photos of me. We did try but the camera's batteries died.
I saved my Favourite for last.
AAAWWW! Beautiful.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dada Dum de dum; Dada Dum de dum

Reading the NZ Herald this morning, James finds an interesting article on robotic legs.

Near the end of the article we all start to freak out.

OK anyone remember 1984?

James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger (yes I had to look up the spelling!) made a certian film...

Judgement day ring any bells?
So I Find Cyberdyne industries web page and YUP it's legit!
Not ONLY have they called thier robotics industry Cyberdyne, they are calling the robot HAL.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

OOOH fun from Penny.

Penny, a lovely friend of mine, has posted an interesting bit on her blog Walking Upside Down which has inspired me to give it a go and have my blog analysed.

OK the results are in.

I started with the Readability calculator thing and was shocked to see I apparently write at a college undergrad level... considering I just usually whatever crap comes into my head I'm stunned.

Then I moved on to the Typealyzer that analyses my writing and decides which side of the brain I use when writing my blog. Aptly it has interpreted me as a Performer!!

The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colours and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don’t like to plan ahead - they are always in risk of exhausting themselves. The enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation - qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.

Lastly for giggles I checked the gender of my writing using Genderanalyzer and for a change I'm very highly a chick!


Hope other bloggers take this and have a play.

OOH Talking of PLAYING!!! Mimbles blog Mim's muddle is responsible for MAKING me waste almost an entire day playing games at


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I've had a really long and lovely day
Spent the last two hours cuddled up with James on the couch watching Season 1 Buffy DVDs... aaaww

The morning was spent hanging out with Liam, cleaning clothes and pottering. Made it to my parents by 1030. When I got there I saw that they had blown up balloons and put up Happy birthday banners up
We had cakes and prezzies and then popped out for a spot of shopping.
Yesterday on Waiheke Is. my sneakers died so I needed to pick up some new shoes and other bits n bobs.

all n all a lovely day.

OK Before I go a wee bit of trivia.
EVERYTIME I mention NaBloPoMo James insists on calling it SloMoPoFo
I asked him if it meant anything to him
It turns out SloMoPoFo is a game he played in Theatresports so called for Slow Motion Poison Forearm. It's a game where you have to fight CONVINCINGLY in slow motion. But being in slow motion you can see the other players moves WAY ahead of time BUT you STILL have to react in slo mo. The only way you can KILL your oponent is to touch them with your "poison forearm"

OK night then
Off to bed!

PHEW JUST made it.

Sounds fun.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME

I had the loveliest day...

apart from being a little hung-over from my half bottle of vodka binge last night.
Silver lining: I thoroughly enjoyed myself last night

missing the 10am ferry to Waiheke Island and having to exchange the tickets for an hour later
Silver lining: William Loved watching the boats come in and I had a LOVELY coffee and cakes at the Seattle café.

our tour bus kinda crapped out on a hill and we had to wait for another one
Silver lining: The replacement was MUCH nicer and smaller so could go on some of the roads the bigger older bus couldn't go on. We also crapped out just opposite a gallery and we had a we squiz inside

totally knackering ourselves
Silver lining: I needed the exercise

and Liam getting grumpy because it was a REALLY long day
Silver lining: Liam was mostly a really good boy. He was also SOOOO CUTE!!!! he made it all the way back to Auckland and we stopped in McDonalds for tea knowing that he'd fall asleep on the way home and we thought we could just pour him into bed from the car... Unfortunately he was TOO tired and actually fell asleep eating fries. I REALLY wanted to take a wee video but ran out of batteries. (BUNG)

It was nice seeing the Island again. I used to live there when I was 11. My family rentedZoe Bell's
parents place in Oneroa. ( I hadn't been back for over a decade. Things sure have changed. Some things were the same though. Nice to see they still have the old 4square, the beaches are still stunning and there is still a tire swing on Oneroa beach.

I did take a few photos and will be able to post them on Wednesday (sorry about the wait... I left the camera software at work. Haven't loaded at home yet)

James is asleep on the study bed behind me waiting to use the puter... might run a bath and have a soak.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Helen Clark made me late!

I was driving to work last weekend and admittedly I was ALREADY running a little late. James had parked the car facing the wrong way so instead of turning the car around and zipping down the motorway I decided to carry on straight and go via Sandringham… It usually works out about the same… WRONG!!! On this particular day due to election hype, Helen Clark (Sandringham is in her electorate) seemed to be having some kind of fair. AWESOME.
Last night I stayed up for the election and although I wasn't late I am pretty tired.

I did vote yesterday and also spent most of my day giving directions on WHERE to vote to several people. I think the general public got mighty confused because AUT was one of the places people could come to vote early but didn't have booths on the actual day. The closest was down the road at the open polytech.

No big surprises for the election.. I think everyone knew that it was time for a change here and people have grown tired of Helen.

Today is also my last Sunday for the year. Next week is the last week of the semester and then we are on to Summer School. Our library closes on Sundays till Semester One next year. It's bitter sweet. Yeah I get to spend a day with James and William BUT I loose the double pay on Sunday AND have to find care for William for Tuesdays. Mum and Dad have gladly offered to take him though so it's not such a Biggie.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Library cake

Every second Saturday, two of the greatest library assistants EVER bring ingredients and bake a cake in the microwave for afternoon tea.

The first was individual chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes make in cups. THE best so far is Banana walnut, recipe below.

Melted butter, to grease125g butter, chopped, softened155g (3/4 cup, firmly packed) brown sugar2 eggs, at room temperature3 large overripe bananas, mashed200g (11/2 cups) self-raising flour, sifted160ml (2/3 cup) milk70g (2/3 cup) walnut halves, coarsely chopped
Icing195g (11/4 cups) pure icing sugar, sifted2-3 tbs fresh lemon juice70g (1/4 cup) finely chopped walnut halves

Brush a 1.75L (7-cup) capacity microwave-safe plastic ring cake pan with melted butter to grease. Use an electric beater to beat together the butter and sugar in a large bowl until pale and creamy. Add the eggs, 1 at a time, beating well after each addition until combined. Stir in the banana.
Stir in half the flour and milk until just combined. Repeat with remaining flour and milk. Add the walnuts and stir until combined. Spoon into prepared pan and smooth the surface.
Place on a microwave-safe rack or upturned plate and cook, uncovered, on Medium/500watts/50% for 14 minutes or until a skewer inserted into centre of cake comes out clean (it will be a little sticky on top). Set aside in the pan for 3 minutes. Turn onto a plate and set aside for 30 minutes to cool.
To make icing, place icing sugar in a microwave-safe bowl. Gradually add lemon juice, stirring until a firm paste forms. Heat, uncovered, on High/800watts/100% for 30-45 seconds or until runny. Pour icing over cake and sprinkle with walnuts. Set aside for 10 minutes to set. Cut into slices to serve.

Friday, November 7, 2008


OK I'm going to have to save Fridays for cute stories and rants

First a cute story

William likes playing his spider game. He makes his hand a “baby spider” and Mum or Dad have to be Mum or Daddy spider and we talk is little voices usually goes a little like:
“hello mummy spidar I’m a baby spidar”
“hi baby spider; are you having a lovely day?” and so on.

The other day Liam and Daddy were playing this game and watching telly at the same time when Liam kneeling on the floor pipes up “Here you are Daddy SpiDar, here’s a baby for you” He actually found a real spider (not small either!) and made James’s Daddy spider come down to talk to it.

When the boys were both on the floor next the spider Liam says “He’s your family you love him”
I guess we must be doing something right raising such a cutie.

And now a RANT

Five things that make me really happy

My family
esp. good morning snuggles and breakfast in bed with my wee Blondie Bear (Apart from the crumbs)

Being thanked.
I love being useful/helpful (Guess that’s why I’m a librarian) The most rewarding thing for me is when I get a student who has looked and looked for an article or book and I’ve been able to get EXACTLY what they want. There was this one student who wanted something really specific. I think it was the morbidity rate of a rare disease. She had gone to several databases, librarians and websites without any luck. I tried a government health website and with the help of our friend Google discovered that there was an ENGLISH and AMERICAN spelling for this disease. Once we had the right spelling we were away laughing! It was the most satisfying thing to see student’s excitement when I saved the document for her.

Having a good day
It may sound lame but you know those days where everything goes right for a change? No great amazing splurge of money, affection or even perfect weather. You know the day. The one where you wake up ACTUALLY refreshed and not running late. Traffic is good and work seems to fly and maybe interspersed with talking with family/friends online. You might have a yummy lunch with a good friend/family member… maybe get a walk in after work. Go home to a good meal great conversation and warm bubble bath with or without children topped off with a snuggle on the couch with your loved one watching something halfway decent on the telly or DVD… Wonderful

Hotpools Te Aroha is by far my favourite place to soak. Feel free to browse their website:

McFadgen Dinners: we try to get together at least once a week to enjoy McFadgen company. Sometimes it’s just Liam, James, his mum and I. Other times it’s up to seven of us. It’s so lovely to sit around a table with my family and just talk, laugh and eat. (My three favourite things)

James says I'm a rotten LIAR because sexing isn't on my list (smiggle)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm feeling myself

OK har har haw double entendre aside, I feel NORMAL.
And for me that's a big deal.
No headache.
I almost cried on this evening talking to James.
I sat on the couch and said
"hello; I've been gone a very long time haven't I?"
he agreed but said I was always partly here...


Planning on having an early night too.
Promise to make this blog more interesting soon.

kisses... Em.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fireworks and Librarians

It was the final day of the LIANZA conference and I went along for half a day.

I tried really hard but was so pale and week that I took a taxi home just as why were serving lunch.
Halfway home I realised that my bag WITH MY KEYS in it was on my desk at work
I gave James a call and crawled onto the couch in the garage till he got home to let me in.

It’s also Firework night or Guy Fawkes night here... It's not too noisy now and I'm still feeling rather ill.

Hoping to make it into work tomorrow.

Still Painkiller and coffee/coke free.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I woke up again today with a headache. It's happened so often lately that I seriously couldn’t remember the last day I didn't have large amounts of coffee and pain killers to just function throughout the day.
So I sighed THAT's ENOUGH and decided to spend the day in bed.
James took the day off and kept the Liam monster at bay.

So far no pain killers or caffeine and I'm still alive. (Although I have a neck ache and my entire face is numb)


I’m running a bath so that will take care of that. I’m also hoping that I’m not in too much discomfort tomorrow and can make it to the last day of the LIANZA conference.

What I wanted to talk about was the last couple of weeks (probably contributing to my overwrought state.

House Sitting and Arse soup.
I had a really busy couple of weeks in the end of October and I’m now happily enjoying a little Rn’R. My Mum-in-Law flew to Abu Dhabi to visit her hubbie who’s currently working out there. The day after she leaves Bex, my sister-in-law, has her gallbladder out. Fearing her feeling alone and rejected I did my best to fill the gap my Mother-in-law left so visited/text as much as I could.
Most nights I wasn’t getting to bed till after midnight. One crazy day included a full days work, visit Bex in the hospital, go home feed ourselves and attempt to feed the boy, put Liam in the bath and then drive over to the In-laws’ while James put the boy to bed. Feed the cats, clean cat puke from the couch, bed and floor (poor kitty) try to pat all four cats. Empty the mail box, email the inlaws so Mum-in-law wasn’t worrying about her daughter or house and drive back home, make Liam’s lunch for crèche the next day and then have a shower/bath because I know I’m going to be too tired in the morning to wash myself. (PHEW)

Later in the week after Bex’s second op and discharge I made the most disgustingly healthy soup (steamed courgette, green beans and celery) Before work Saturday morning, I delivered the now lovingly named Arse soup along with baby food and a basket of fresh fruit and veggies. In an amazing show of support I had arse soup for lunch too.. It was not awesome at all.

Throw in costume making for Halloween and I’m one worn down Yoda. Good thing I like being helpful. One thing I really enjoyed whilst house sitting (hangs head in geek shame) was ordering the McFadgen shelves. It pained me to see Terry Pratchett’s books spread over four shelves. Trilogy’s separated and genre’s mixed. Sitting in the lounge now fills me with a sense of calm and order knowing that books by the same authors are reunited (STOP JUDGING ME!!!)

WOW What a Rant!

More tomorrow

Monday, November 3, 2008

Its aLive.

Aaaaahh what a lovely thing to wake up at 9.30 in the house ALONE
William spent the night at my parents place last night (we were going to have a gaming night but was cancled)

Sleeping in is such a rare thing for me.

Monday and Tuesday are the days where I get stuff done. Washing, shopping and hanging out with my lovely boy. Today is no exception. I have mountains of laundry to do and I promised to pick up a wee washer for my Dad for his air gun thingy on Dominion Rd. I don't like Dominion Rd. There is never any parking. Then pick the boy up. I want to look at suits for William in a shop out near my parents place. I'm REALLY hoping to get a little navy pinstripe one to go with his red sneakers (YES I'm that much of a geek I want to dress William as the 10th Dr!!!)

Then back to West Auckland for Dinner at my in-laws.

OK the main theme of my blog today was going to be about my LibGuide... but as usual I've blabbed about myself instead.

Here goes...

My Boss was asked to speak on LibGuides for about five minutes at the LIANZA conference today so my libguide is now LIVE. It’s a bit of a buzz to think I’m probably one of the first NZ librarians to have a live Libguide.
Check it out if you want (Not at all exciting unless you are a librarian, and even then it’s still just “work stuff”
I’d been working on my LibGuide for a couple of weeks (off and on…) and think it’s looking pretty snazzy. I’m just glad the program is wonderfully intuitive and fun to use.

Also adding to its coolness there is a LibGuides application on FaceBook and I’ve added my institute.

I wonder how many librarians had to look at my ugly mug today… lol

Better get dressed.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Although I am sure this post will say the 1st November , being a Kiwi we are several hours ahead of the rest of the world and it’s actually the next morning… (just to clear that up)

I’ve become a little obsessed with my new frozen dessert. Home made sorbet, well I don’t know if you can officially call it sorbet but it’s YUM!
OK real easy.
Step one: Grab a can of fruit in syrup (the bigger the better!) Open can and eat a little of the fruit (as to make room for expanding in the freezer)
Step B: find an even space in the freezer and Freeze entire can
Step TORU: Take out can and using a kitchen whizzer thing go nuts
Step on me: EATs
Things I’ve learnt along the way: when freezing canned plumbs it is VERY IMPORTANT to take out the stones BEFORE you freeze!!! I only thought of this two hours AFTER I put the can in the freezer I ended up standing at the sink with the hot tap running, defrosting my fingers after every de-stoning. Old Ice cream containers are awesome for keeping your sorbet in. A drop of vanilla goes nicely with pears.
Today (NOV 2!!!) is also the lovely Jacob Cartner's first birthday. Hopefully Heather (from Hen's adventures in Oz) will be blogging about his party. WISH I could have been there.
Kisses to the Birthday Boy

Well I think that's my lot for today.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Red Hot Chilli PEPPER

aaaaw bless!

I really hope I can survive NaBloPoMo.
Here is my first post of HOPEFULLY many...

Last night my son’s crèche had a party with the theme of "Healthy Eating".

As usual I went a bit silly with the costume-making and went “all out” with William’s costume. (I think I was up till 1am both Wednesday and Thursday nights making it!)

I started, as usual looking online for costume ideas, Being a big Red Hot Chilli pepper fan and quite liked this one:

When William woke up yesterday morning I said (drowning out his “leeemealooone mummy”) “Good morning my sweet boy. You get to wear your costume today” then later when I tried to get his track pants and jumper on he got cross with me: “That’s not a costume mummy”
Needless to say he went to crèche yesterday morning fully dressed in his costume making all in his wake smile or at least make that stupid raised eyebrow puckered lipped “aaaaaawww” face that most people make when they see ever-so-cute baby ducklings/kittys. I simply had to go to the crèche via my work to show him/my hard work off.

When we finally got to Will's crèche several of his teachers dashed inside for their cameras and many of his little friends ran to him laughing. One boy thought he was a DINOSAUR. lol

I quickly changed him back into his play clothes after he was suitably fussed over and made it into work a little shy of 9am.

We had a pretty good party. Each teacher had a table where they were making something yummy. We had fruit Skewering, pumpkin muffin making, sushi rolling and heaps of yummy activities. The highlight of the night was when I won a basket of fresh fruit (Raspberries, strawberries, a pineapple and a pawpaw, various packets of seeds, a lovely metal children’s gardening set and Kiwifruit body scrub). Yay me!

Those who know me also know I have a compulsion for being incredibly inappropriate and I can’t think of a social situation where I haven’t raised eyebrows. Liam’s crèche naturally is not exempt. Whilst sitting at the sushi rolling table William tried a piece of pepper (not to his liking but Good boy for trying it) I exclaim, probably too loudly “OOH William! That’s cannibalism!” You could have heard a pin drop!

Well this WAS a long post (Probably won’t last the Whole month posting this long!)

OK it's not the most exciting vid but don't you just wanna bite him?