Wednesday, May 20, 2009


What a difference feeling well makes!
I'm in love with life again
I'm happy.
Willaim's a DREAM and everything is AWESOME.

I've had the bestist couple of days with my charming wee man. We went to the museum on Monday (international museum day) with my folks. Dad took the photo below...

Then I went to Waiwera hot pools yesterday with my best mate and her wee one. Woo! Road Trip...

And the best news of all is Liam's FINALLY getting the potty training thing. William was a total ANGEL at the pools, THEN at home I took all his bottoms off at his request. "I want to be roodynoodies" He didn't go wees on the toilet and I had houseworks to do so I put the potty in the lounge and said if you need to go hop on the potty.
I was folding laundry and he says "OOH Im going to do BIG wees all over the place" and I told him Quick hurry to the potty and he sat down and pooed!
he pooed on the potty this morning too! That's THREE since Saturday.

After he gets so much praise he says "you are sooo proud of me"


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

OMG two in one day!

OK don't get your hopes up it may not last but I thought I'd share my son's latest achievements with you.
No he's not potty trained.... he's potty mouthed!

Here is a conversation last month regarding sweets in the shapes of marine animals:
Me : Which one do you want william?
W : Shark one
Me : can I have the dolphin?

W: I want the dolphin
Me: Ok then I'll have the fish
W: F$%K sake! I wanted the fish...

Me: What was that William?
W: I said I wanted the fish.....

OK the proud mum in me was pretty impressed that he used the foul language correctly AND he COVERED it up. but I was quite QUITE unhappy to hear that come from my son's mouth.

OK Fast Forward to yesterday shopping
He's in the shopping trolly and someone passes us and he mumbles under his breath : OH here comes another idiot"
WHAT??? WHERE did that one come from? Me driving perhaps?

I'm having trouble with the little booger telling fibs too!
this morning for example I say to my obviously REEKING son: do you heve poos Liam. NO mummy (with a steamer in his nappy) WHY???

sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry!
also the latest is AFTER he's quitely been picking his nose he'll proudly state "I'm not picking my nose"


OK another down blog entry...
I'm feeling happier with myself with a little loss over the week BUT I've hurt myself.

I went out to dinner with my friends. Had an awesome time BUT my Little man WHO IS NOT SLEEPING AT CRECHE!!! fell asleep at the dinner table.

Being the only one he likes snuggling with asleep (DUDE I'm made of snuggly bits) I held him for about an hour... I woke up the next day and my old shoulder/neck injury which cropped up and continues to bug me from about when William was about 8 mths old came to visit along with the mother of all migraines.

I called in sick spent the day in bed trying to get comfortable. Poor James and William had to spend the day trying to be quiet so mum could rest! Pity he had a PLAYDATE!
I'm trying to be kind to myself.

Could do with a holiday... Gotta wait four months. POO!
At least I have a party to organise
I do like the organising.