Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ok where was I... AHH drinking

The next morning we picked up the rental car and we started our journey up the Central Coast to stay for a week in Long jetty! In the map you can see now far Auckland and Sydney are and the "A" is where we stayed.

The next morning was James’s birthday and we woke up to a DUST STORM. Can you see why the place we stayed at was called Long Jetty?

James told me that he was going to cut off all his hair so we spent half of James’s birthday in a mall!

Luckily the wind died down and we had some time at the beach!


Penny said...

long jetty pic looks like a 70's picture the way the colours are :)

yodaobi said...

nope that was radioactive dust.

mimbles said...

The dust was surreal. Ack, I'm having flashbacks to the taste of it.