Thursday, November 29, 2007

OK I get the message!

sooo... I haven't posted for a while

My excuses are: I've been partly busy with the kid, got a little addicted to facebook (hehe)
and partly because I haven't got any weightloss to report.
IN FACT!!!I'm back up to 109.5kgs from 107.

I'll take a bunch of photos this weekend whilst up in Dargaville and this blog will totally rock.

You'll see!!!

I was looking at a bunch of videos lately and saw one that was taken back in May. It was of William's first steps... I'm sitting in the background looking like Jabba the Hut. What a great thing to see!!! I should have it blown up to remind me not to slip back to old habits.
It reminded me of how far I've come AND where I don't want to end up (AND I would have if I keep going the way I have been this month)

I've been pretty bad lately but I haven't gone back 100% to my wicked ways.
Just the odd cookie and takeaways here and there...

One thing which is really UNFORGIVABLE though, I've gone back to picking! (esp when I'm cooking)
I will have to put pictures up on the fridge!

I'm taking it one day at a time slowly getting back into the swing of things
I've eaten exceptionally well today:

Marmite and toast with a lite hot chocolate at breaky
a Banana and cuppa at morning tea
and a can of apple juice with lovely tuna salad sandwich for lunch.

I have two salads to choose from tonight (Classic and Coleslaw)
(I'm making American hot dogs for the boys tonight and will have to restrict myself to sharing one with William)

OK non weight related stuff
I'm down to working four days a week while the Library shuts on Sundays over summer school. This gives me time to spend with my boys all summer. AAAH

Sunday James, William and I went to the Auckland Botanic gardens with my parents
All was lovely until we left and mb wee boy fell in the fountain
In the picture here... you can see how it's ground level. Liam was lying on his belly dangling his fingers in the water and somehow toppled forward!!

I was right next to him and he didn't even have time to swallow any water but we all got a big fright.

We had a GREAT day Monday hanging out at home together. I think I did about 1000 loads of washing and cleaned up the house a bit... I let William go naked in the back garden and have water play. I believe it's a good way for him to discover how his body works and all...

Tuesday I had a really busy day. Started off visiting William's wee girlfriend Georgia who's a week younger than him, then to my best friend's place to hang out with Isaac (her new 1 1/2 week old boy!) After lunch I drove up to Orewa to visit the in-laws who are holidaying up there.
William was very happy to see Nana and Pop Pop. There was plenty to see and do and he had the best time UNTIL he got stung by a bee!
OMG I felt so helpless! poor little guy!
We didn't have anything on us except antiseptic cream. He eventually calmed down and was distracted by some visiting ducklings. aaaw.
The best thing about Orewa is not the stunning beach nor is it the fact it's not too far from Auckland NO the GREAT thing about Orewa according to William is the ROAD!
The main road was really busy. We sat on a low fence and waved at all the massive trucks making them toot their horns
He LOVED it. Oh my... we even had a couple concrete mixers and an ambulance which flashed it's lights. We were pretty warn out by the end of the day and Will slept in the car all the way home. When he woke up at home remembered the sting on his little hand and cried for nearly an hour. There was nothing we could do! I gave him a bath to cool him down and then sat on the couch with him wrapped up in his towel and sung to him.
Finally the combination of momma cuddles and singing calmed down but I started crying with relief and couldn't sing. Good thing Daddy took over in the singing department.

Gee! I don't know how parent's cope when their kids get really sick.

I didn't sleep well at all that night, I wanted to keep checking up on the boy to make sure he was breathing ok because I heard allergies to beestings can manifest really slowly.

He woke up the next morning fine but was quite warm all day but today he's a box of birds. I left him this morning at crèche looking for bugs...

Well that's it for now.
(OH don't cry!!!)

I promise to post next week with holiday snaps and more stuff to talk about.


Mim said...

Goodness me, adventures all round! Poor William...

We haven't had to deal with be stings but Tom assures me that he's been bitten by at least one spider and stung by wasps "lots", I'm skeptical as I don't recall these things happening but maybe he was keeping quiet about it at the time having been told to leave the bugs alone and therefore it being his own damn fault if they react to being harassed! I do vividly remember the day he brought me the live bee he'd caught by the wings. Eeep!

Have a lovely weekend :)

Penny said...

Poor William! Bee stings HURT. And LOL about the road :-) Does he ask what each things does yet? I have had to be very creative about the endless "What that truck do Mummy?" questions.

Enjoy your summer hours :-)

Sometime I will tell you my Tim, pond & funeral story...

yodaobi said...

Hey Penny

I would LOVE to get together with your clan one day this summer, Maybe when Hen is in Aucks!

Was it Tim that liked going through the catalogues pointing out all the "weedies"???