Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sick, Tired and Cold

Well I've been really sinusy for over three weeks now.
I've given up milk and hoping to see an improvement any day now (sniff)

LOVING the Pseudoephedrine!!! I am also still using Otrivine before bed but am afraid my nose is starting to crack and will probably drop off in no time.

I saw the first Daffodils this week! That for me is like a glimmer of hope that soon the weather will clear and get warmer. It will be lovely to be able to hang out with my boys in the evening. I'm looking forward to picnics in Albert Park after work.

OK enough moaning about the weather lets talk about my awesome boy.

William is having a little trouble fitting in over on the big kids side at his crèche.
He’s been biting both people and his clothing. I read that biting clothing can be a sign of stress in a young one. To help him settle and also be there to prevent biting I’ve been going down and having lunch with him. The biting seemed to happen just before lunch when it gets crowded with a lot of busy little bodies finding their seets and I think he was getting overwhelmed.

I’ve also set up playdates outside of crèche to hopefully form stronger friendships which may intern make it a bit easier to break into the cliques.

Lastly I made William a necklace to hopefully stop him chewing up his clothing. Chewing on his clothes is a right pain in the neck because he gets wet down the front of his top and his sleaves.

I got a nice string and threaded it through some stretchy rubber tubing. (the kind the physiotherapists give you) Tied a nice chewy knot in the middle and tied the string ends together. I needed to cover the string in tape to make it stiff enough to thread through the tube. I then soaked the rubber in hot water, then mouth wash and then rinsed it off. This gave it a slight mint taste. Mmmmmmmmm

I made it just big enough to slip over his head.
Liam took to it straight away! Very cute. He calls it his “necka lalase.”

I must admit I’d love to give it a good chew myself. Both James and I are chewers. I just noticed recently that chew on the security swipe card that is hung around my neck.

Some people may disagree and think that I’m replacing one bad habit with another but for now I think he needs a little security blanket while he is having trouble adjusting to the move from the baby side to the over twos. PLUS if he has his necklace in his gob he hopefully won’t be physically able to bite others.

He happily settled into bed without any fuss on Friday afternoon. After he had his lunch I tucked him into bed and asked him if he wanted his necklace. He eagerly took it and snuggled under the blankets munching on it. For the rest of the day there were no incidents and we made a HUGE fuss over how good he was.

I’ll see if I can get a photo of William and his “necka lalase” soon.


Penny said...

What a great idea with the necklace! Good thinking B1. It took Tim 2 weeks before he settled into the big kids side of the day care. He used to visit the under-2's for a while there.

Thanks for the well wishes re the job - it's all happened so quickly! Rather nervous about it all esp the full time aspect but hopefully things will work out in the end.

Mim said...

Caitlin was my clothes chewer, she'd end up soaked right down her front, not to mention the clothes ending up looking extremely bedraggled. In fact I STILL have to growl at her "NOT in your MOUTH" when she's wearing certain things - I threaten to throw them out 'cause I'm mean like that. David chews on pieces of plastic, straws, packaging, all sorts of stuff, he's always got something in his mouth. Tom chews his nails, fingers AND toes, I try not to think about it.

All of which is to say the necklace is a bloody brilliant idea.

Hope you're feeling better, stuffed up sinuses suck :(