Wednesday, May 20, 2009


What a difference feeling well makes!
I'm in love with life again
I'm happy.
Willaim's a DREAM and everything is AWESOME.

I've had the bestist couple of days with my charming wee man. We went to the museum on Monday (international museum day) with my folks. Dad took the photo below...

Then I went to Waiwera hot pools yesterday with my best mate and her wee one. Woo! Road Trip...

And the best news of all is Liam's FINALLY getting the potty training thing. William was a total ANGEL at the pools, THEN at home I took all his bottoms off at his request. "I want to be roodynoodies" He didn't go wees on the toilet and I had houseworks to do so I put the potty in the lounge and said if you need to go hop on the potty.
I was folding laundry and he says "OOH Im going to do BIG wees all over the place" and I told him Quick hurry to the potty and he sat down and pooed!
he pooed on the potty this morning too! That's THREE since Saturday.

After he gets so much praise he says "you are sooo proud of me"



James M said...

You forgot to mention the first incident when we were asking if he'd like to get off the toilet but he said no and stayed on to go poos!

Mim said...

Celebrations are in order!

Penny said...

I totally understand the rejoicing!!!

Funnily enough, once they "get" it, it all comes together beautifully.

aussiehen said...

I'm so glad to hear you're feeling well and W is angelic :-)

We've entered the realms of poo here. I caught one in the potty last week but I think it was just a fluke. J talks about poo all the time though and sometimes is telling me when he doing or just done one. The conversations in the supermarket are funny.

Mel said...

Fantastic progess - life really changes once they are toilet trained (I remember stressing when Mr 4 was, well 4, and still not quite getting it). One day it all clicks and - yippee!