Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm boring. Don't read this

and after I asked you not to... tut tut tut!

Well I haven't much to say.
Liam's still having trouble potty training.
We've taken to going around bottomless at home when we are not busy
Please enjoy the nakedness!!!
I have one much longer but it's probably WAY too long

My mum can be heard in the background of the other vid vowing to never dust again.

Awesome. The next picture is of the utter JOY william is getting from chasing us with the duster that has been freshly contaminated by babyballs... he LOVES making us scream.

I had a nice lunch today in Albert park. It's finally warm enough to sit on the grass and enjoy a picnic. Liam found a few acorns that Totoro left him (aaaw geeky boy) and we collected them for his new girlfriend.

That's all

Enjoy the pix


JamesM said...

You're not boring.

yodaobi said...

grins at your correct use of an apostrophe

Penny said...

hee hee - bet it feels ..uh .. fluffy

mimbles said...

There's an award waiting for you over at my place :-)