Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The value of sleep


I thought it was about time I had a rant. I know you've all been missing them so here goes...

I didn't have a good sleep last night... Let's go back a couple of hours and tell the tale from the beginning of the night. I did everything you can imagine to ensure I had a good night sleep. After a walk around the block then unwinding with telly I'd prepared bags and clothes for the next day of work and creche, I hopped in a lovely warm bubble bath and read a little (I know!!! Librarians who read in the BATH!!! I should be strung up n shot!)

I get to bed around 11.30pm and snuggle down for a nice 8 hours.


I'm a bad sleeper. even after a very relaxing bath I can't sleep

GUESS WHAT??? I WAS TOO HOT! the weather is warmer now and I can't go straight from the bath to bed without being too hot to sleep. FREAKNGREAT!!!!

I'm lying there for an hour and James starts DIGGING in the bed. WTF? I mean REALLY WTF?? He mumbles something like "Oh sorry I didn't realise I was doing that" NO KIDDIN?? you're ASLEEP!!!

ok I'm not too miffed. It's like any other night (Although the digging thing is a first). Just about nodding off close to 1am to the dolcet tones of my son's snores down the hall and James's musical whistling nose and there is a CRASH.

What was that? I'm thinking. Better go investigate.

SOOO after walking around the house discovering I'd left the slow cooker on high. EEEK, Turn it off, I find my shaver fell off the bathroom wall hitting shampoo bottles and creating a hair product avolanche. Sweet. No axe murderers in the house or appliances to catch fire. BACK TO BED.

and finally SLEEEEP. Oh sweet reader that is not the end. IF ONLY!

So less than two hours later I am abruptly woken to swaring on the street and "OW OWOWOWOW". followed by slaming of doors and the like. I get BACK out of bed. I try to look out the windows but because of my bath and the rain outside earlier on in the evening our windows were all fogged up. I move to the study for a better look and find a CAR HAS PARKED directly outside MY BEDROOM. The couple associated with the car having a full blown row at 3am!

I give it about three minutes before I give up and call the police. No way I'm going to let them get away with that behaviour on MY street. The cop was lovely, she asked me to stay on the line till a "Unit" had arrived just in case the car left. Whilst on the phone others in the neighbourhood also rung the police. Within half an hour from the beginning of the fight, the police had come and calmed the situation right down. Another 20 minutes of muted chatter from the couple and the officers and they leave.

Head hits pillow and sleep comes around 4.20. I managed to sleep for about three hours before William climbed in bed with me FRESH AS A FREAKN DAISY.

I'm not too grumpy today. Just a little slow.

I really value the moments of deep sleep I get and am getting those less and less. I might have to move to the spare room for a couple of nights.

Last Saturday night was even worse (believe it or not) we had a party down the road! It was one of those parties you hear about in the news a couple doors down from us... Hundreds of people turned up they had a live band and made an incredible noise all night till 5am!
After calling out Noise control and finding out that several neighbours had already they sent another car out to shut them up at about 5.15am, I FINALLY slept from about 5.30 but had get up for work at 9.30. I spent the day feeling pretty wretched, headachy and angry.

What's going on with people today. James couldn't understand the mentality of Blasting music or yelling in the streets in the early hours of the morning.
William on the otherhand I believe could sleep through anything.
have a couple photos of the sleepy bear. The last one was just on Monday. He hardly ever falls asleep in the car in the afternoon but aaaawwww.


Penny said...

eeergh! I am such a light sleeper these days... kids have ruined it for ever I think.

I'm with James on parties going on until all hours... just don't get it!

yodaobi said...

James is going to put noise control on speed dial. LOL He was really surprised I rang 111 instead of noise control. I explained that I didn't ring the police because I was just woken up I rang because they were fighting. There was a chance things could have gotten nasty.

aussiehen said...

I'm with Penny, having kids = light sleeper. I can identify the thunk of Jacob falling out of bed at 2am in the middle of a deep sleep.

It's one good thing about our place, no loud parties and very little noise at all.