Friday, October 12, 2007

AAAaaahhh to be noticed!

Finally the hard work paid off and I got what I've been hoping for... Someone to notice and say OH my goodness Emma you've lost so much weight!
I know it's incredibly vain but I wanted it BADLY. In my mind it wasn't real until someone who didn't know I was actively trying to lose weight looked at me and actually noticed.

IT’S soooooo REAL BABY

OK I'm a realist and not ashamed to admit that I'm doing it to LOOK GOOD! It’s not the only reason or even the most important reason but it's still up there. Other reasons range from wanting to feel proud of achieving my goal (I NEVER FINISH WHAT I START!!!) to being able to keep up with my boy as he gets older, to feeling more comfortable in my clothes and, of course let’s not forget being healthier and sexier in general.

The past couple of weeks I have been sick as a dog so my intentional weightloss has been on the backburner. I’ve eaten anything that will stay down so that was mostly salty junk food and bread washed down with sugar laden fizzy drinks… I have finally got my apatite back so I better start watching what I eat again.

I also quit WW. OK it’s not as drastic as it sounds! I can’t afford to be a member anymore but I’m still going to visit the boards for support and I’ve made a spreadsheet of most of the foods I eat so can chart when I feel I need to. The major thing I’ve learned in this journey is to be conscious of what I’m putting in my mouth. The irony here is I’m typing and eating Pizza! At least I’m conscious of the fact I’m doing it (hehe)


Mim said...

Woot! Gotta love the positive re-enforcement of people noticing the change.

LOL Conscious pizza eating, yep, I've got that down pat too :)

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I've been unwell this week too (UTI - ouch) and the antibiotics I was on made me nauseous, so my eating was also all over the place.

Are we still doing the weekly challenge thread? Imagine if you will my pathetic pleading for it not to stop ;-) I'm keen to go back to basics and start again with tracking.

If there's ever any WW info, points etc, you need email me or post on the boards, giving up etools needn't mean you have to do without the useful numbers on new foods :)

yodaobi said...

Just having a week off
Trust me Yoda's weekly challenge will resume next week...

Mel said...

Good for you (and so funny that you know Penny - I got to know her through a scrapbooking forum - small world!).

You don't need to belong to WW - I lost my first 20kg without them. I joined in May to force me to think about my food more. I do count points now and weigh in but I've only been to one meeting and it was a waste of time. You can do this yourself. It's simply about you wanting to change - that's all you need. Save your money for thin clothes!

Penny said...

How funny you know Mel. :) LOL! Small world eh - the Venn diagrams of scrapbooking, librarianship and weight loss circles meet!

Go you on the weight loss. I'm lucky this time that breast feeding seems to be helping me. But once I'm done with that it will be wake up time! Mel is such an inspiration.

Love the bubble bath pic :)