Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wacky weekly challenges end of week 4!!!

Isn't time FLYING.
Soon it will be Christmas. I'm really looking forward to Christmas. Firstly I just LOVE it and secondly because my dear friends from Oz are heading over and I am missing them incredibly.

OK enough sidetracking...
I am very close to completing my "sky tower challenge" I decided to make it the 1267 steps to the sky deck! v's the 1026 steps to the observation deck...

I'm doing ok with the eating (not tracking very well!) I just had pumpkin soup for lunch with some yummy fresh wholemeal toast...

I've set myself a new Challenge this week. One raw carrot, and two apples a day.
and alongside the food I'm going to start sit-ups. Monday (tomorrow) I'll do 15 and then add one each day. (hence starting low!!!)

This will be on top of my 30 minutes a day AND physio exercises for my shoulder (When I remember to do them!!)

Some of you have posted what you will be doing next week....
Here is a reminder for you:

MIMBLES: will be hitting the sack by 10pm every night and restricting the puter for 4 hours a day.

Welcome aboard BEX!!! who will be exercising each day and not using her exercise points. She's also cutting her points down to 20 a day.

ANNE is sticking 100% to Core and will drink extra water each day and do some Pilates
(I will be asking how this goes and If you remembered how to do it =0p )

Welcome Alicia who has challenged herself to drink 2L of water a day...

and Robyn who is going to stick strictly to core foods and continue to add stairs into her daily walk time!

Chrissy will have at least 2 fruit serves everyday and her water and walk and climb 1267 steps (PHEW!)

This week's challenge for Newcomer Jo is:
* to Drink at least 1 litre of water per day
*Eat fish once this week (often left off our menu but shouldn't be) (I might nick this for next week I'm the same!!!)
*Exercise 30 minutes x 4 times this week. (I am a hater of exercise)

Sunnyday is going all out with

* Increase the intensity of my walks and gym sessions

** Try a totally different dinner every night of the week

*** Vary my lunch's

**** think positive

***** Do stomach exercises 5 times

DEDALUSDIGGLE's challenge is:

*To drink two litres of water a day

** To do 5 thirty minute walks this week

*** To eat a salad each day

**** To eat all the meat I bought yesterday before it goes out of date, and without going over my points

Shazzywamble is going to go out for a walk everyday (even if it's for only 1/2 hour)and will also concentrate on water and make sure I drink 2+ L water per day.

SMILINGEYES Joins us with her challenge:
*make wise food choices when eating out
*eat at least one piece of fruit each day(have no trouble when at work but forget when at home)
*exercise 6 out of 7 days this week
*try 4 new recipes

OK that seems pretty good. I'll check up daily on the message boards as usual to make sure you are all managing with your challenges.
It's awesome to see so many new faces joining in.... I guess the invitation worked.
Let me know how you are getting on.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow's weigh in. (Hoping to officially go over the 10kgs lost and maybe even 10%!)

****OK update. I managed the 10kgs but not as easily as I could have. I was so great right up till last night and then I've totally gone off the rails. I am still going to eat my carrot and apples today AND do my situps... Will try harder to resist the crappy food tomorrow.****

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Mim said...

*crosses fingers and starts mantra* 10kg, 10kg, 10kg, 10kg, 10kg...