Friday, December 19, 2008

Summer's here!

I had a very good day yesterday. William was a good boy at school, ate well and was his usual delightful self.

We had our staff picnic in Albert park. Goodness knows what I'm doing here...

AND THEN we topped the day off with dinner in mission bay ( William ended up in the fountain in his singlet! It was SUCH a lovely warm evening. Poor boy got so grubby and wet looking for crabs under rocks along the shore that we put his legs in the fountain to rinse off. That was it! He was totally in the "swimming pool" and didn't want to come out. There were a couple of older boys in their undies too. so cute!

William wasn't exactly blue but a bit shivery when he hopped out. While William was playing in the water James ran to the car for a fresh nappy and shorts and we used Will's singlet as a towel to dry him off and I wrapped him in my cardie and snuggled for a bit to warm him up.

We then went home and sat around the computer for a look at the 2008 photos of William the creche gave us for Christmas (HUNDREDS OF THEM!!!)

Still squeezed in a Bath for William, He put in all his animals too (probably time they got a wash) I did a spot of washing up from the night before's baking and then we got the CHRISTMAS tree out and decorated it, LOOKS great, photos will be coming


Penny said...

Yay! Sounds like fun :)

BTW - I think you are demonstrating some yoga pose ;)

yodaobi said...

Actually I thought the photo was going to be a tighter shot and I was trying to get out of frame.

HATE getting my piccy taken.