Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wrestling High Tea in the library with Mother nature?

I'm having a particularly great Saturday

I brought my bone china tea set to work today so we had high tea in the library. I made club sandwiches and brewed a rather strong pot and Melissa, of library-cake fame, baked some yummy sultana and walnut scones which we had with jam and cream. Mmmmmmmm So dignified and refined.

Tonight is the TOTAL opposite of dignified and refined. New Zealand’s own impact pro-wrestling Grrrarr!!!! For the first time this year I’ve actually made time to go to the wrestling! I used to go quite regularly, even when pregnant, until Liam thought it was a good idea to do his own wrestling moves inside me. We don’t know if it was because the noise frightened or excited him! A friend of mine, Glyn is the wrestler savage_beast and we started going to support him. It’s incredible. Tonight its audience bring a weapon night. We are bringing a foam mace LOL!

Lastly I just had the loveliest “mother nature” moment. I needed some fresh air so popped downstairs to my son’s crèche. It’s closed over the weekend but I can reach my hand through the fence and I sprinkled today’s old tea leaves on the vegetable garden. As a thankyou from Mother Nature I look up and see big plump BEANS. These beans would have been probably missed out by the teachers and kids being at the back of the vine! Yummy find. The teachers have done a splendid job showing the kids where food comes from by having them completely involved with planting, tending and harvesting vegetables in their own little garden. So far they have harvested spinach, carrots, lettuce, spring onion, peas, potatoes and radishes. There are tomatoes, corn more beans potatoes and probably a lot more. They also cook with the food they harvest. Yesterday they made potato pancakes! One wee girl, smaller than Liam ran up to me yelling “I GOT A TATO!” whilst proudly clutching a spud. So incredibly wonderful.


Liz said...

Fresh veggies... it's winter over here so there isn't much selection of produce... I really miss our farmers market!

Penny said...

Yay for High Tea :)

We're picking stuff from our garden - it's great. The kids a mostly keen on the strawberries, but Tim likes beans too.