Friday, February 13, 2009

25 things

1. I like popping popcorn
2. My fingernails have always been thin
3. I feel small and cute standing next to tall men.
4. Occasionally I forget my age
5. As a little girl I pretended to have asthma and glasses to get attention, now I have both.
6. I’m going to drive across America one day
7. I have disproportionately little hands and feet.
8. I only started really drinking coffee about a year ago
9. Absinthe brings out the gay in me
10. I can control my hiccups
11. There is always a song playing in my head if I like it or not
12. I loved being pregnant and miss it
13. I’m an impulse shopper
14. Sometimes my “touch quota” gets too full and need time alone
15. I dream vividly most nights
16. I’ve landed in LA six times and never left the airport
17. Gifts make my day
18. I have a thing for red shoes
19. Chocolate and coke make me happy but McDonalds’ cheeseburgers cure my migraines
20. I never did well in high school
21. Sometimes I go to bed without brushing my teeth
22. I gossip. Can’t help it.
23. My eyes are a forgettable colour
24. I like general knowledge and revel in telling James something he didn’t know
25. I obsessively check my blog to see if you’ve left a comment. Yes you!


James M said...

You forgot that sometime when you get tipsy you start to sound more English :D

Contest Chris said...

What song is in your head right now? How about now?

Penny said...

A comment.

There ya go! I left one! neener neener neener!

One day I will own some red shoes.

yodaobi said...

To answer Chris the song this morning was the bigtop circus theme that goes do do doodle doodle do do doo do

Now it's "Crazy, crazy for feeling so lonely"

Earlier I had another tune from the car stuck in my head then James emailed me the lyrics to Higher ground...

aussiehen said...

I learnt a few things about you that I didn't know before.
Now I want popcorn LOL