Thursday, February 19, 2009

Book circle

Thanks to Penny for organising this and making Potato peel society the first book knowing I'd already read this one and be quite busy this month. (for those interested I have finished my paper and also am doing another one this semester!)I read this one last year. I was in Jason's bookstore, wasting time looking at kids books and picked it up on a whim! ALSO got Vegetable-Glue which was six kinds of awesome.

I, like most of you, LOVED LOVED LOVED it, as did my mother-in-law and friends who have borrowed it from me. I think what captured me early on were the underlying themes which are close to my heart. Love of books, Love of people and struggle! I ADORE the way the society came about and the clever way they swindled the Germans out of a swine.

Didn't you think the characters were almost tangible? maybe because it was intertwined with so much history. History like mimbles I knew Little about, which also made the book so appealing.

I have cheated a little, I've been reading the next book and am AGAIN totally in love (was up till the wee hours with it this morning) Anyone having trouble getting this I MAY lend it to you)

That's my favourite thing about a good book.
Sharing it!


Mim said...

Yes! The sharing thing makes me all happy and excited inside :) It's one of the best things about reading with my kids too. I just adore it when they laugh at the right bits and don't want me to stop reading.

We're now reaching the stage where they're starting to read, for themselves, books which I loved at the same age - Caitlin has embarked on The Lord of the Rings! (I confess I'll be a bit surprised if she sticks a it though.)

Penny said...

I'm so glad you suggested it! It was an inspired suggestion. I'm sure there will be others we all won't enjoy so much but I'm glad the first one was one we did. :)

Kelly said...

Yep - I will stand in line to thank you too for recommending this book - it was awesome. I loved the way I felt totally transported in with the characters and really enjoyed learning more about the time and place. Guernsey is quite a funny wee spot, and one that I never really thought much about - now I want to go there!! LOL