Wednesday, February 11, 2009


OK this isn't going to be the most engaging entry or anything just a couple of pictures I thought you would enjoy

Firstly James, William, my parents and I went to Glenbrook vintage railway on Sunday and had a GREAT day, heaps to see including: Steam traction engines, Clydesdale horses ploughing, vintage tractors threshing, reaping and binding, vintage cars, models and displays, live Big Band and Trad Jazz music and much much more.

William went on two wagon rides and James even got to drive a vintage tractor called Princess!

Then we left William with my parents till Tuesday. I have a cold so it was good to actually spend a little time recovering. My parents took Will out and he was aloud to choose two wee goldfish to go in his very own fishtank. (William's first pets I guess...)
Then he had fun in the pool.

It's been pretty hot (nothing like Oz) but yucky nontheless... Auckland hit 100% humidity on Saturday. EEEEWWWWWW!

More later...


Penny said...

Great pics :) The pool is the place to be in this heat. Ugh.

Now that I finally have access to the computer with the photos on it (ILs have been staying in that room), I shall upload my photos of the steam festival :)

aussiehen said...

Fantastic photos. I love the one of James on Princess.

Do William's have names?

Tracey said...

That is one huge tractor! Sounds like you all had a fun day.