Friday, February 20, 2009

Jandals BAD

OK not the smartest idea. It’s a muggy “casual Friday” so I’m in a skirt and tee shirt today and I decided to wear Jandal/flipflop/thongs to work. It’s also RAINING. The polished concrete/pebble tiles surrounding the Hikuwai plaza were like ICE.

I was coming down the stairs toward William’s crèche (below the tree you can see) and fell on my butt. I’m ok just pissed off.

I was being careful. I’d put Will down and said “Go slowly. It’s slippery” because I’d already seen one guy fall on the stairs. Whilst sitting in my dirty puddle comforting a very traumatised wee boy another girl slipped right beside me. ALL three of us were in Jandals!

I was looking for a picture of some Jandals and came across THIS article on the dangers of these hazardous footwear . I might have to start thinking of wearing different shoes to work.


Penny said...

I shall rub my own bottom in sympathy. I shall not offer to rub yours.... ;)

Hope you dry off soon.. the dryer things in the toilet might be handy if you can back yourself up to one...

yodaobi said...

Ah go on I know you want to!

We unfortunately have hand towels in our loos!

aussiehen said...

Thongs (see I used the correct terminology for my country of residence) are death traps when it's wet.
I hope your posterior isn't too sore

yodaobi said...

Mu bum's fine... I may have done something to my hips or something
I'm having pain crossing my legs...

Will keep y'all posted