Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New me

I'm feeling so FRESH! I had a hair cut today and am feeling a lot less frumpy.

I have in total lost 8.3kgs and still nobody has noticed...

OK lets look at the positive....
My skin is DEELISH!!! I started a new skin regime (OK my last was er... washing!)
I use Nivia goodby celulite on my butt, belly and thighs, and Aveeno extra dry everywhere else.
I feel BEAUTIFUL. literaly.
It's so amazing! Here is the best thing, for about 2 years I've had bumpy skin on the tops of my arms now its GONE!

Woo Hoo! (DH is very happy with his wife's smooooth new skin)
I'm hoping that this will also help with the sag factor. My poor skin has been stretched out to this size for more than a decade.

Guess what else is gone??? My gastric reflux... I'm kinda skeptical about this one... expecting it to come back any day now but WOW I've been drug free for over a month. (HOLY MOLEY)
I'm chalking this one up to an apple a day and fat free diet... (can't be the weight itself because I've had reflux since I was in the 70s)

I'm doing OK with the exercise this week. I didn't have enough time for my 30 mins of walking so got in two 10 min walks and run up 5 flights of stairs (I think that's enough!)


Mim said...

New hair, yay! Where's the photo? ;-)

I wish my skin was behaving, my face has been breaking out constantly. And bumpy arm skin gone? I'm so very jealous LOL I've always had that, right from when I was a little kid so I don't hold much hope of it going away. Sounds like you're feeling very fine indeed, good for you!

I do reckon the best way to get people to notice is to tell them. Think of it this way, you must be surrounded by people who don't judge you by how you look, they need a nudge to shift focus.

Stairs are my nemesis, I've been know in the past to consciously think as I come upstairs, "is there anything else I'm going to need from down here in the next couple of hours?" just so I can avoid having to do an extra trip down and up again (our living area and front door is upstairs). Once I started to get fitter I found I stopped doing that :)

See you on the boards!

yodaobi said...

Ahh Mimbles... If I TELL my inlaws then they WONT be my litmus test anymore.

Let me assure you EVERYONE else knows

OMG I totally used to do the same thing! When Liam started crawling we moved because the stairs were just way to dangerous but I remember putting a bunch of things like on the landing as I went past to take up "next time" so I wasn't going up and down the stairs all day. Funny to think now I go up the stairs for the spacific reason of climbing stairs!!!

I'll take a photo of my new hair soon (not much difference really)