Monday, September 10, 2007

Wacky weekly Chalenge week 2

I just typed a bunch of stuff and then it all missapeared


OK let me try remember what I wrote (SIGH!)

Hi and welcome to week 2 of my weekly challenge.
I think most people doing the challenge are doing something similar to me, which is walking or exercising for 30 minutes a day.

I've switched to core and am doing much better

I am in a great mood! The scales are moving in the right direction (Down another 1.8kgs)
I think last weeks weigh in was a little up due to retention.

I haven't done my 30 minutes yet.

I better go and track my day's eating... I had the YUMMIEST pumpkin tortilinni soup for lunch.


Mim said...

I'm having so much FUN with this challenge thingy, thanks so much for running it! I've done my walk for today and I'm keeping up with the tracking from last week - good tings are happening :)

Mim said...

Damn it, proof read woman! Things not tings :P

aussiehen said...

Woohoo 1.8kgs you go girl!
I'm very proud of you for sticking with this

yodaobi said...

The weekly thing is happening for me
I feel great.
THanks for the comments