Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Week 1 of my weekly chalange

Day 4...
Still positive. I think I'll see results on the scales this week. I went for a jog after dinner last night. I didn't get too depressed at my inlaws even when my FIL asked DH if HE had lost weight. He was wearing pants that are now WAY too big for him. I was a little crushed but didn't get as down as I'd have expected.
My hubbie is in the 60's so a small loss makes a HUGE difference. Because we are both eating healthier, he's losing weight too. I've been encouraging him to eat pies and chips at work so he dosen't get too skinny!

I have come to a kind of Zen realisation that people will notice one day. I'm actually now hoping my inlaws don't notice for a while longer because my sister inlaw is going away for over a year.

How cool would it be if she didn't know and then came back in like 2009 to see only half of me!!!!
Wait that would make me only 56 and a half kgs.... MAYBE NOT eh?


Day 3....

Well I think I'm doing ok...

I have tried to chart (having trouble finding the time)
I have been eating reasonably well but could do a bit better.

Managed to drink over 2L water yesterday between washing the car, scrubbing the floor and general housework.

I'm having trouble getting past this plateau. I should take my own advice that I give others. Shake things up a bit. I might go for a walk in the rain after my physio.

I’m very proud of those who have joined the challenge.


Toni said...

Hi, my name is Toni, I have my own blog too
I had someone named Mim leave me a comment about your challenge,what is it exactly?- the exercise part especially.
P.S. Ican see a big difference in your 2 photos-keep up the good work!

yodaobi said...

Hi Toni
Basically you set a challenge for yourself
I like alternating between focusing on exercise one week and then food the next
This way you don't get bored but also keep yourself in check.

Mea said...

Good for people to know.