Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy yoda

Hello faithfull readers.

I'm having a brill day. I went through my wardrobe this morning before work and can fit a few more outfits. My confidence is up and I'm feeling very cheeky and Dare I say it SEXY!

James took photos of me this morning and as you can see I have a waist!
I'm sooo looking forward to hips, cheek bones and a jaw line.

My Wacky Weekly Challenge starts tomorrow and I'm not prepared.
I will have to do a spot of shopping if I want to stick only to core food.

I debated last night whether to tell my inlaws about the weightloss or to continue to use them as my litmus test. James pointed out that they ARE pretty unobservant AND see me every week so maybe not the right people to use. I however stayed strong and kept it to myself. I'm going to try really hard to not get my hopes up every week to only have them dashed.

Like a young Rachel Hunter said "it won't happen overnight but it WILL HAPPEN"


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