Sunday, March 15, 2009

Are we too busy?

A reoccurring theme that crops up when talking with friends and family is how busy our lives are. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to (being the nerd I am) physically see my schedule to perhaps help me slow down. I’m an organising FREAK I Love control, I love being busy and I procrastinate like a pro. So step into my world.

9th – 15th March
Monday: Laundry, wash up, visit Mum n Dad, spot of cooking for the week, Dinner out with friends from the States.
Tuesday: hot-pools with Ellie and Georgia, (about an hour drive each way) make tea, go shopping after Liam goes to bed, fold laundry watching Boston Legal.
Wednesday: Die hair, Work and dinner at the in-laws.
Thursday: Work, pick up DVD player for mum, back into town for Dinner with more friends.
Friday: Work, Massage, (Discover the dress I wanted to wear to Bex’s wedding next Thur is probably too short) spend lunchtime in a panic looking for a new dress. Admit defeat. Go home and furiously clean up house before friends come over to play…. Play
Saturday: Wake up regretting amount of booze drunk, Work. Make tea and extra stuff for the rest of the weekend, Attempt to re-button Liam’s waistcoat for the wedding while watching Angel season 4 the house always wins Find a dress for the wedding in bags downstairs (narrowed it down to two) Put said dresses in the wash. Have the first early night in AGES.
Sunday: Work, Readings for class… Take up William’s pants

16th – 22nd March
Monday: Laundry, spend quality time with William, concentrate on the potty training!!! Maybe make a “I miss you” card for Pop pop, IF William sleeps try get my online status working for uni. dinner at the in-laws
Tuesday: Pick up petals, visit Mum and Dad, homework if William sleeps, find smart shoes for William, dinner, wedding rehearsal at 7.30
Wednesday: Work, last minute check of clothes and pack daybag for William
Thursday: Rebecca and Jeremy’s wedding.
Friday: DAY OFF!!! Recover from Jeremy and Rebecca’s wedding… homework, perhaps get a bit of study in…
Saturday: Work. Homework
Sunday: Work Homework

So now what can I do?


Mim said...

Interesting exercise. It really brings it into focus all written out like that doesn't it. I might do the same.

Penny said...

I also organise to the nth degree in defence of being too busy.

Hey, I have a bag of clothes for William if you are keen. I'll drop them off some time.

Mim said...

There's an award waiting for you over at my place :)

yodaobi said...

OH everyone's giving me stuff!

MAN Penny! that boy of yours just keeps growing. Liam's finally into the size three stuff you gave me. I'd love anything you thow my way.