Friday, March 13, 2009

pix for you

I thought I'd put in a couple of happy pictures since the last blog entry was pretty heavy.

Although as stated before I lost my rag with the little booger I ALSO had a lovely time swimming with him. Loads of giggles. Here is my friend Ellie and her bub Georgie pie who is a week younger than Liam.

Out and about with Wills.

OK it's not a great picture but I thought it should be put in too... This is the teddybears picnic. The best thing was going to the museum afterward to see the "CANO" Don't know exactly what it is but Liam LOVES the volcano...

AND Weird n Wonderful is great too
Check out Liam and Daddy lookin at Gekos (see Squiffy looking at the Gekos too? he is a very happy and educated bear)


jayjay said...

Hee hee, very amusant! Squiffy looks pretty loved too. Love the expression on William's face when you blow up the pic. (The first one).

yodaobi said...

Fantasic aint it?

OH BTW great profile pic!

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