Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Semester’s begun, Fun fun fun

It's Sooo busy at work. It’s funny it feels like we are half way through the year and it’s only the first week for the students. (It's taken me almost an hour to type this between questions) poor scared first year students not knowing what they are doing. PLUS the library system is having a meltdown and isn’t letting people login so I’ve had several kids and frustrated staff come up asking if they have their passwords wrong. It’s a bustlely hive of activity outside PHEW.

We took the budgies from Crèche home on Friday and returned them today. Liam’s loved caring for them. I must admit it was fun having them for a while. Yesterday morning I put them out on the grass and popped a big container of water in their cage and they went nuts bathing themselves and drying out in the sun.

I took Liam to Piha yesterday, we had the best time. (MAN I forgot how narrow and windy the roads were!) We stopped first at the information centre which had lovely puzzles and awesome views and even geckos to look at. We are TOTALLY going back, its free and not too far from home.

We then had about two/three hours at the beach. William learnt about the dangers of surf beaches and got bowled a couple of times. I stayed within reach but didn't "rescue him" but encouraged him to "JUMP UP HERE comes another wave QUICK" I want William to have a good respect for the sea but also realise he shouldn't panic but try stand up. He also found a rubber fishing lure (no hook or anything) and played with it for a very long time. We dug a hole on the tideline and filled it with water so it could "swim" but after about half an hour playing a HUGE wave came in and washed out our wee hole and sucked our "fishy" into the deep blue. Poor William couldn't understand why Mum couldn't get the fish back.

There was a little blond boy a tiny bit bigger than Liam playing on the beach with his Dad and they played together for a bit chasing gulls very yummy. ALSO very yummy was my egg burger and chunky fries on the beach. (Thus the need for two expert gull chasers)


Liz said...

Man, I wish I could just up and go to the beach some afternoon!!

yodaobi said...

Little NZ fact for ya. NZ has roughly the same ammount of coastline as the US but is only 104,454 square miles in area. Just a little smaller than Colorado!
Beaches are all around us the closest (blockhouse bay) is about 10 min drive but is rubbish.
ALSO The Red Hot Chili peppers surfed at Piha n Anthony Kedis was TOTALLY ripped off buying a property out there.
Piha claims many lives in the rips and there is even a telly show all about the surf rescue.
Thus endeth the lesson

Penny said...

We're busy too :) I've been doing most of the orientations etc as well. Luckily we've got a new staff member started this week.

yodaobi said...

OOH and Ya'll got voyager now!