Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sisterhood Award

MIM kindly shared this award with me

I'm at home with a cold so this might get out of hand...

First, share memories or thoughts of childhood or adulthood sister-friends. Funny, sad, whatever

1. I had a great childhood. There were heaps of kids in my neighbourhood and we had mostly abandoned farmland just accross the road. Many days were spend playing at eachother's houses making up plays and forcing syblings to watch us or playing at the "farm" There was an old orchard with two abandoned cars which were our "forts" and we'd collect lemons and plums as ammo and bombard the other's forts. Sometimes I wish I was 8 again.

2. Growing up I had many friends, I drifted from clique to clique. At 13 I was even part of a gang called LACE (Lyndsey, Amber, Camelia and me (Emma) snigger!!!. At around 14 I formed a very strong bond with a girl who had many of the same interests as me and we became very close friends. Every weekend we'd spend the night at each other's houses. I think both my and her parent's were a little worried we spent too much time together. Neither of us did well in school. Maybe what our parents thought was true but maybe that's what we as teenage girls needed. Michelle (my best friend) was born with a hole in her heart and had a pacemaker. Her heart gave out at only 18, so we were only friends for four years. Maybe being in "eachother's pockets" (my mom's phrase for us) was one way of getting a lifetime's worth of friendship in the short time we had.

3. There was a small moment in my life where I was almost completely friendless (hard to fathom isn't it?) After Michelle died my other two close friends married eachother and moved to the States. I fell into a deep depression, having failed to get into teachers training the day before my best friends death I was really lost. Eventually I got a part time job shelving at MIT started up some night classes and decided I wanted to get a BA. My grades were shocking and I needed a step between so did a one year course at Auckland Uni where I met the sweetest person alive. Marlita (MILLY) is amazing. Although she studied an entirely different degree (science!) we became fast friends, going to the beach, sharing meals, pubbing/clubbing, camping together over the holidays. Three favourite memories are grape picking/wine tasting /camping in St Martins bay, playing computer games together (Go Discworld and Sam and Max!!!) and taking the ferry over to devonport, ordering hot chocolates at the Java cafe (Which had couches and board games upstairs WOO!) Milly and I still have lunch together most weeks as we both work really close to each other.

4. This is becoming more of a life story aint it? WOW! OK Giggling with Heather! Man can she laugh. Heather and I met doing our Library degrees. I can't believe how bad an influence we were on eachother... Even passing notes in class!!! Someone companiable to share a drink and talk to who has similar interests and goals in life. What more can you ask for in a friend? Well it dosen't hurt that she's married to my hubbies good friend. Heather met Luke through us... James n Luke went to school together. It's awesome to get together as a foursome, there is no wierdness where anyone feels left out. We just couple off (Heather n I with some drinks and the couch) the boys with talking geeky or gaming. HEAVEN. I haven't quite forgiven Hen for moving to Sydney. I am workin on it though and Sydney isn't that far away. My favourite memory I cannot share or James will kill me. It involves dinner at their place and my big stupid mouth. The evening ends up with a very sorry Emma proposing to make up to a very put out James!

Better stop here William's tearing the house apart

The second part is to pass this on.

so here you go Hen and Pen...

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