Friday, March 6, 2009

The G word

I have a shockingly bad habit I've decided to quit

Quite common in mine and hubbies circle of friends we have used the word Gay in what would seem a derogatory way. We’d ironically say that public displays of hetro affection (including ours)was soooo Gay! But then, as habits do, it spread to describing other things such as a overly pimped out car for example.

I don’t want Liam growing up using this term, what does a 2 year-old know of irony? I also want to stop my potty-mouth around the boy too.

Any ideas?


James M said...


yodaobi said...

thank you sir
May I have another

Penny said...

snort! get a room you guys!

um. you could "fine" yourself. have a bad word jar? 10cents in when word is used. Spend the money on person who DIDN't use the word by the end of the week.. or something, not sure what you could do to NOT reward yourself.

a friend of mine puts a rubber band on her wrist and when she says the naughty word it gets moved to the other wrist. Kind of a game to not move the band over. You could use a bangle instead ;)

We've had a few instances of Tim using words he has copied from us ...

He does crack me up though when he says "Great fires of London!". I think that's from Fireman Sam.

Mim said...

I reckon its much harder to stop doing something than it is to start doing something. Perhaps it would help to actively think of other phrases you could use instead of "gay".

I try to avoid using non-specific derogatory language about things we see around the kids at all because I don't want to encourage any tendency to be judgmental about difference and once they get old enough they pick up on that sort of thing real fast. So I'll happily express my opinion that a purple souped up Holden seems a little tasteless and exhibitionist and certainly not my kind of thing but I'll avoid any reference to "compensating for something".

I use shocking language around my kids sometimes, it's not good and it comes back to haunt you, that's for sure. I tell them to save it for things that really matter and that excessive use of expletives shows a lack of imagination. Sadly the do as I say not as I do thing just doesn't work.

I am quite pleased by the fact that David will sometimes come out with "Holy mother of god and all her whacky nephews" though.

(P.S. And after the spanking?)

Liz said...

We try to find substitute words and then keep each other on track. With Teagan, when she picked up "goddamit," we switched it out with "Blast it!" With Jeff... we replaced the F-bomb with just "F!" At first, all cuss words were "Smurf!" And it worked!

I'm very proud of you for recognizing the potential hurt and damage by using the word "gay" in a derogatory manner. Kudos to you for doing something about it now!

And I'm giving you a blog-award! Pop over in a bit to check it out!

yodaobi said...


Thanks for the suggestions.
Love "smurf" Liz

I've been REALLY good with the G word. NOW Just gotta stop calling bad drivers Penises... lol

I got cut off yesterday on the way to the hotpools and called the driver a penis and William from the back goes

"Ah ya penis"

I go "NO william he's a "Genius" can you say Genius"
I Don't think I fooled him.