Friday, November 7, 2008


OK I'm going to have to save Fridays for cute stories and rants

First a cute story

William likes playing his spider game. He makes his hand a “baby spider” and Mum or Dad have to be Mum or Daddy spider and we talk is little voices usually goes a little like:
“hello mummy spidar I’m a baby spidar”
“hi baby spider; are you having a lovely day?” and so on.

The other day Liam and Daddy were playing this game and watching telly at the same time when Liam kneeling on the floor pipes up “Here you are Daddy SpiDar, here’s a baby for you” He actually found a real spider (not small either!) and made James’s Daddy spider come down to talk to it.

When the boys were both on the floor next the spider Liam says “He’s your family you love him”
I guess we must be doing something right raising such a cutie.

And now a RANT

Five things that make me really happy

My family
esp. good morning snuggles and breakfast in bed with my wee Blondie Bear (Apart from the crumbs)

Being thanked.
I love being useful/helpful (Guess that’s why I’m a librarian) The most rewarding thing for me is when I get a student who has looked and looked for an article or book and I’ve been able to get EXACTLY what they want. There was this one student who wanted something really specific. I think it was the morbidity rate of a rare disease. She had gone to several databases, librarians and websites without any luck. I tried a government health website and with the help of our friend Google discovered that there was an ENGLISH and AMERICAN spelling for this disease. Once we had the right spelling we were away laughing! It was the most satisfying thing to see student’s excitement when I saved the document for her.

Having a good day
It may sound lame but you know those days where everything goes right for a change? No great amazing splurge of money, affection or even perfect weather. You know the day. The one where you wake up ACTUALLY refreshed and not running late. Traffic is good and work seems to fly and maybe interspersed with talking with family/friends online. You might have a yummy lunch with a good friend/family member… maybe get a walk in after work. Go home to a good meal great conversation and warm bubble bath with or without children topped off with a snuggle on the couch with your loved one watching something halfway decent on the telly or DVD… Wonderful

Hotpools Te Aroha is by far my favourite place to soak. Feel free to browse their website:

McFadgen Dinners: we try to get together at least once a week to enjoy McFadgen company. Sometimes it’s just Liam, James, his mum and I. Other times it’s up to seven of us. It’s so lovely to sit around a table with my family and just talk, laugh and eat. (My three favourite things)

James says I'm a rotten LIAR because sexing isn't on my list (smiggle)


Penny said...

haw haw - cute spidey story :)

I like your list ;)

aussiehen said...

Awwwwww then I love the spider! What a cutie.

I love all those things too.