Saturday, November 29, 2008

Grrr Arrg

I blogged yesterday about the work Christmas party
SOMETIMES it can be seen OTHERTIMES it looks like Alphabutt is the last entry I did

**That seems to have sorted itself out**

phew.... I HAVEN'T failed NaBloPoMo!!!!

I also couldn't get on it last night to upload photos **Now done yay**
It works it works it works

**Happy dance**

Twitter the other day added thirty days to all my twitter times...odd.

Yup, It's totally nuts!!!

I checked my archive and the above post I wrote and published this morning was on record as posted on the 25th November!
I Really hope this works.

This is the third time I blogged today.


Penny said...

How wierd! maybe the server did something dumb?

Penny said...

BTW - the other attempts showed up in my google reader...