Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas parties

Today is the first of three Christmas parties we have at work
They get smaller and smaller
AUT staff, then AUT library Staff and finally AUT Liaison Librarian picnic.

The theme for today's party is KIWIANA

got a few pre party pictures of the kid playing around in the quad with the sheep and kiwi (not real)

it's overcast and windy

More later
The party was REALLY tame. Although the clouds were blown away and it was super hot. The lines for Lunch were so long I didn't even bother with it. Just went straight for coke and cake.


Mim said...

Hey Em, this is the most recent of your posts that shows up for me. Nothing for today yet.

Penny said...

I'm not even bothering to go to the unitec staff one, the lines are so long for lunch that by the time you get there it's all eaten!