Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm feeling myself

OK har har haw double entendre aside, I feel NORMAL.
And for me that's a big deal.
No headache.
I almost cried on this evening talking to James.
I sat on the couch and said
"hello; I've been gone a very long time haven't I?"
he agreed but said I was always partly here...


Planning on having an early night too.
Promise to make this blog more interesting soon.

kisses... Em.


Mim said...

Woohoo! That's great :) Sleep well, I'm planning on hitting the sack by 10:30, which will be 3 hours earlier than I've managed for weeks.

Penny said...

Oh I am glad you are feeling better. {hug}

aussiehen said...

She's back ladies and gents!
We'll make a pact on go to bed early on school night huh?
It makes such a difference not being sleep deprived but it's a real temptation to have some me time then.