Sunday, November 23, 2008


NO I'm not angry it's an Ork war cry and the name of the game try to play fortnightly. Tonight is roleplaying night (Probably the last one for the year) and I'm getting my Waargh on. (Although Technically I don't play an Ork)

The Game is a made up D10 game based on loosely on Gorkamorka

The game’s been running quite some time; I believe James has been playing this same game since before he met me. OK MOST of the original characters have died off, the gamers however (well some of them) remain the same.
Tonight we should have probably six.

Initially James kept me informed on campaigns and stories from the game and had an idea which I TOTALLY ran with and CRUSH was born. I'm a steamroller/terminator/Ork/WALL-E. When I entered the game I was terrifying. Speaking only in Latin with a vocabulary of 20 words I was magnificent to behold.

Like WALL-E I'm incredibly old and a little kooky
Much like the terminator I am powerfully destructive and quite quite task oriented. (I was built to crush rocks but after about 1000 years I kinda want to make EVERYTHING flat)
I'm about the size of a steamroller with a roller wheel in front, demolition ball tail and little T-rex hands.

After several game sessions I end up going to a MEK (Ork mechanic) and get more GUBBINS put in my head which made me more Ork-like This gave me a vocab (thank goodness) and a bit of an attitude and now I think I’m the NOB (boss) Still goal oriented I have one thing I MUST do. Unfortunately I don’t think GM James will let that happen. (Open the door I came out of)
Should be a good night.



Penny said...

okaaaaaaaay... I'm so out of the gaming scene but it sounds kinda fun... hope you get to flatten something ;)

yodaobi said...

It was an AWESOME session.