Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fireworks and Librarians

It was the final day of the LIANZA conference and I went along for half a day.

I tried really hard but was so pale and week that I took a taxi home just as why were serving lunch.
Halfway home I realised that my bag WITH MY KEYS in it was on my desk at work
I gave James a call and crawled onto the couch in the garage till he got home to let me in.

It’s also Firework night or Guy Fawkes night here... It's not too noisy now and I'm still feeling rather ill.

Hoping to make it into work tomorrow.

Still Painkiller and coffee/coke free.


Mim said...

Sending get well vibes your way.

I've been functioning on coffee overload for the last week, gonna have to face the uber-headache some time soon. Being over-caffeinated makes me feel bleh.

yodaobi said...

OMG did you actually read my last post. FULL of mistakes!

Penny said...

Ugh ugh.
Rest up lady... hope you don't have to work hard today.

aussiehen said...

That sucks but at least it sounds like you're on the mend!