Monday, November 3, 2008

Its aLive.

Aaaaahh what a lovely thing to wake up at 9.30 in the house ALONE
William spent the night at my parents place last night (we were going to have a gaming night but was cancled)

Sleeping in is such a rare thing for me.

Monday and Tuesday are the days where I get stuff done. Washing, shopping and hanging out with my lovely boy. Today is no exception. I have mountains of laundry to do and I promised to pick up a wee washer for my Dad for his air gun thingy on Dominion Rd. I don't like Dominion Rd. There is never any parking. Then pick the boy up. I want to look at suits for William in a shop out near my parents place. I'm REALLY hoping to get a little navy pinstripe one to go with his red sneakers (YES I'm that much of a geek I want to dress William as the 10th Dr!!!)

Then back to West Auckland for Dinner at my in-laws.

OK the main theme of my blog today was going to be about my LibGuide... but as usual I've blabbed about myself instead.

Here goes...

My Boss was asked to speak on LibGuides for about five minutes at the LIANZA conference today so my libguide is now LIVE. It’s a bit of a buzz to think I’m probably one of the first NZ librarians to have a live Libguide.
Check it out if you want (Not at all exciting unless you are a librarian, and even then it’s still just “work stuff”
I’d been working on my LibGuide for a couple of weeks (off and on…) and think it’s looking pretty snazzy. I’m just glad the program is wonderfully intuitive and fun to use.

Also adding to its coolness there is a LibGuides application on FaceBook and I’ve added my institute.

I wonder how many librarians had to look at my ugly mug today… lol

Better get dressed.

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Penny said...

I LOVE your LibGuide and I want one.

I am trying to influence my boss into getting them. Since I am supposed to be redesigning the website (again *long suffering sigh*) then I figure I should get something out of it!!!! Muahahahahahahahahahah!!!