Thursday, November 20, 2008

twenty days down, batteries not included.

Now in purple....

Well I've made it through 20 days of blogging without stumbling
Maybe I can make it... WITHOUT blogging about my shoes

I thought I'd regail you all (all three of you) with another cute story

About a week ago, when I was stiff from too much Nintendo Wii. I was sitting on the floor and twisted my back and it REALLY HURT. I kinda crumpled sideways and lay really still on the floor.
Liam was next to me and after mummy not moving for about 30 seconds James told him that mummy was a bit little broken and we needed to be very gentle with her. Liam then found two AA batteries James had taken out of the camera and left on the coffee table. He sat down beside and started stuffing them up my trouser leg:
“There you are mummy, I have a batteries for you”
After a while I was able to sit up and had fully recovered within an hour. I’m sure the batteries helped.

I have the most thoughtful sweet little boy!

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Penny said...

ha ha! that's cute :-)

I think my batteries are wearing down....