Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas shopping

PHEW I'm "baarr humbuged" out already.

I did the silliest thing. I picked my boy up from creche on my lunch break and asked him if he wanted to come buy presents with me. Firstly I couldn't find his shoes so he went bare foot and I had to carry him most of the way.

THEN we went to Smith and Caugheys to look in their window. It's decked out amazingly as usual. I didn't have my camera on me so I stole the below image of a previous years display but you get the picture....

William was ENCHANTED. We then went to the shoe shop because it was wrong and bad to walk around the city with no shoes on! I FINALLY found a pair that looked good and fit him (hardly any in his size!!!) I guess there isn't much of a market for kids shoes in a downtown shoe store. I notice that the Farmers store in the city doesn't have kids clothes either. THEN lunch which was lovely (Just a foodhall meat pie and cake with tea) BUT there was a string quartet. aaaw. Again enchanting William

Finally we get to Borders to look at books and my time is basically up. I searched on their database and find NONE of the books I had in mind (POOP) William and I look briefly at kids books and I pick three for little friends and then drag William to the checkout complaining because he wants me to buy the entire shop.

Up the hill back to work and creche. (I’ve only just stopped wheezing)
I stop by and leave my bags with books and junk at my office on the way to drop the little guy back at creche. Running extremely late outside the library and Liam stops to take his pants off because he's too hot.


The clingasaurous then didn't want to let me go back to work. After 160 cuddles, a nappy change, refusal to read him books or engage in any games I finally am able to sneak back to work.
I think I'll have to have very short lunches for the rest of the week to make up for that one. Maybe I should restrict my Christmas shopping to Mondays after I've dropped the little man off at my parents' place.

Although I really do like spending time with the little guy

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Penny said...

aaargh - haven't even sorted my shopping yet!