Sunday, November 30, 2008


James, William and myself went to motat today (the post title isn't a spelling mistake, that's what William calls it... aaah bless)

We met my Mum and Dad and had nice a picnic out there.
It's a STUNNER of a day. Hot, sunny with a slight breeze. Along with the usual stuff they had a lollypop making demo which was pretty cool BUT they charged $2 for kids to make their own sweets. We didn't have any cash on us AND Mr. had the greebliest hands.

I'm at the in-laws right now visiting Mike. He's just got back from the UK and James is catching him up with gaming geekiness. Liam is asleep so I thought I'd finish my off NaBloPoMo while I can.

I'm pretty proud I actually survived it considering I have had pretty stink health. The migraines are getting less frequent and hopefully my asthma will let up and I can actually get out and enjoy being active with my boy.

I'll upload photos tomorrow if I have time.



Mim said...

Congratulations! It's been great to have you posting again, don't you dare disappear again no that NaBlo is over!

Penny said...

*echoes Mim's comment*
Love Will's name for motat :) It was a lovely day yesterday. Pity today is not so nice, but I suppose the garden needs the rain...