Monday, November 17, 2008

It's going to be really weird tomorrow

I've changed my working hours and from tomorrow I'll be working Tue-Sat till semester 1
Mum and Dad offered to take Liam so our new routine is Drop the boy off on Monday and they drop him off Tuesday night.
William's really comfortable with sleepovers and has been doing them for quite some time
He loves all his grandparents and we are very lucky to have them.

Hope he is a good boy tomorrow

The weird thing isn't going to be the fact he's not around... It's breaking our routine and not going to work with him. (his creche is below the library)

My parents are planning to take William to the airport.
They live about 5 minutes drive away and it's the best place to take a toddler in the rain.
HEAPS of room to run around. Airplanes to look at and there is a HUGE indoor playground to play in.

Sorry it isn't the most scintillating blog entry. Poor James has been trying to get a game to work tonight.

He hasn't been able to get it running
He's sad.

Better go give him snuggles

Cyber snuggles to my readers too

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Penny said...

I'm so glad my parents (read my mum) has been so willing to take Tim now I'm back at work. Thank goodness for parents!

Say - I'm coming to AUT for a copyright seminar (so exciting!!! not) so I may see you if you're there somewhere...