Monday, November 24, 2008

New Addiction

No not drugs or drinking… I got a link to this game magic pen from my sister in-law. Its pretty great BUT you end up saying those four fateful words. “Just one more go…”

James and I actually fight over it “no you’re doing it wrong” “Oh let me have a go I CAN DO IT” I’m sure we sound more like arguing children not a happily married couple with a kid!

Right now Liam is watching Cars, he can almost single-handedly operate the DVD player. I’ve a busy day ahead, Washing up after last night’s dinner and gaming. I also need to do a spot of clothes washing, bake banana muffins and then pack the boy’s bag for Granny’s. Toss in a quick dash around the shops for more Christmas presents on the way to Mums and then I need to pick up James from work (
Zeke’s in the garage getting a makeover)
Sooo cute I was just about to upload this and check my email before getting on with my day and I hear “Help me Mommy; Help I’m stuck” Thinking the worst I run to rescue my boy and he’s stuck behind our recliner. He had like three food clearance on the other side but was trying to squeeze himself between the wall and recliner. Silly monkey!

OK enjoy the game (or hate me for showing you it…) James and I are both almost finished all the levels (I’m on the second to last one, he’s on the last.

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Penny said...

not sure I should open that link!