Sunday, November 9, 2008

Helen Clark made me late!

I was driving to work last weekend and admittedly I was ALREADY running a little late. James had parked the car facing the wrong way so instead of turning the car around and zipping down the motorway I decided to carry on straight and go via Sandringham… It usually works out about the same… WRONG!!! On this particular day due to election hype, Helen Clark (Sandringham is in her electorate) seemed to be having some kind of fair. AWESOME.
Last night I stayed up for the election and although I wasn't late I am pretty tired.

I did vote yesterday and also spent most of my day giving directions on WHERE to vote to several people. I think the general public got mighty confused because AUT was one of the places people could come to vote early but didn't have booths on the actual day. The closest was down the road at the open polytech.

No big surprises for the election.. I think everyone knew that it was time for a change here and people have grown tired of Helen.

Today is also my last Sunday for the year. Next week is the last week of the semester and then we are on to Summer School. Our library closes on Sundays till Semester One next year. It's bitter sweet. Yeah I get to spend a day with James and William BUT I loose the double pay on Sunday AND have to find care for William for Tuesdays. Mum and Dad have gladly offered to take him though so it's not such a Biggie.



Penny said...

Thank goodness for grandmas (and pas)!

When is Hen coming? Maybe we should do a Sunday pot luck lunch at my place or something...

Mim said...

Yay for having weekend time to yourself and thank goodness for grandparents :)

There's a blog award waiting for you over at my place.