Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Cure

No I'm not going to talk about the popular 80s Goth/rock band
I'm going to bore you all with migraine stuff AGAIN.

Can you tell I'm finding NaBloPoMo a bit of a struggle today?

I've tried giving things up and adding other things to my diet. Cat scans, preventer and reliever drugs and nothing works all the time.

I am sensitive to
Tyramine and once cut everything I could out of my diet containing high amounts of the stuff, it helped but I also suffer stress, menstrual and even seasonal migraines too so YAY ME

The only thing I have found that helps most of the time is eating a McDonalds Cheeseburger and Fries. It made me start wondering what they put in their food.

It's not just the combination of protein, salt and carbs that does it because BELIEVE me I've tried plenty of alternatives: Subway, vending machine chips and nuts, even Burger King...
Is it the placebo effect? I doubt it because I REALLY want it to work when I'm trying alternatives and once BELIEVED that it was salt, carbs and protein that was the key

SO what REALLY goes into a "Happy Meal?" Perhaps the secret ingredient is serotonin...

Either way it works for me and it worked last night where neurofen and coffee failed. (I KNOW I'm weak caved last night and took pain killers but I don't think pain killers had time to be a be absorbed into my bloodstream before I lost them along with my coffee and lunch...)

Looking forward to a quiet day at home with my lovely boys... Maybe we'll wrap some Christmas presents.



Mim said...

You have Christmas presents to wrap? You're way ahead of me!

The migraine thing sucks. Here, have some diversional trivia:

In Lois McMaster Bujold's book Ethan of Athos there's a character who has been genetically engineered so that when he is exposed to a certain level of tyramine he has mind-reading abilities. Because he's in hiding they can't just go to a pharmacy and buy the stuff to activate the abilities so instead they go grocery shopping and lay on a tyramine rich feast for him. It works but he cops a whopping gut ache and hangover combo the next day as a result.

Also, you made me go find this *bops along to nostalgia inducing music*

yodaobi said...

Oh man I totally should have put a Cure link on my blog. Perhaps all these migraines have made me a little slow.

The book sounds good
I'll keep my eye out for it.

Penny said...

Far out - that sure is an interesting cure!