Friday, November 14, 2008

Birthday photos

On the ferry on the way to Waiheke Island. Looks like the boys are having Loads of fun.

An abandond half sunk boat provided William with much imaginitive play time. By now he was pretty tired after walking along the beach. He REALLY didn't like the walk back...

Look what I've got daddy... The best thing about talking along this beach was popping the sea weed along the way. As satisfying as bubble wrap!

I had the lovliest time
Sorry there aren't any photos of me. We did try but the camera's batteries died.
I saved my Favourite for last.
AAAWWW! Beautiful.


Penny said...

he's so cute!

aussiehen said...

That last photo is amazing, you should put it on canvas or something

yodaobi said...

My blog is my canvas... That and my desktop here at work.

I'm getting excited about December.
My last day of work is the 20th Dec right through to Jan 13

Mim said...

Lovely photos Em :)