Friday, November 21, 2008

HeadOn (It goes on your head)

Desperate for pain relief that will not cause an analgesic rebound migraine, (YES I HAVE ANOTHER FLAMING HEADACHE!!!) I ask the pharmacist if Headon is full of crap. Her answer was ... Well we sell a lot of it. ***note to friends it IS full of crap***


OK I dubiously fork over my EFTOPS card and go back to work and give it a go.

First of all it kinda burnt. I think my pores were pretty open from my march up the hill in the hot sun!
Being quite uncomfortable after about fifteen minutes, I give up and go to the bathroom and try to rinse it off.


OK try imagine sucking a VERY strong peppermint and then downing an Ice Water

My forehead is incredibly cold (not to the touch according to other people though).
When I put my hands on my forehead it feels like I'm touching it with ice.

I think my headache is a little better but I can't really tell. I might just be distracted.
I have to admit it is getting me through the day. I ended up with a very bad migraine instead lucky me!

Google seppuku
For those unfamiliar with the term can check out the comic it comes from Google_seppuku (Content may really really offend)

Basically we use the term for when we find something on Google images we wish we didn't. I’m sure it happens to everyone from time to time. Today's was the worst I've had. So here’s my word of warning. When looking for today's illustration for my blog I searched in Google image for "Headon"
The results made me dizzy and feel incredibly sick. There were upsetting images of little aborted babies in pieces. It was much worse than the search I did ages ago for a jumper and got images of suicide victims.

Can ya’ll tell I'm having the bestist day? I might go home for a good cry.


Penny said...

I've wondered about that stuff - like if it worked or not. Maybe I should try some for my hormonal headaches I've been getting since Lydia was born.

Hey, I hope yours gets better babe. Maybe you should see a doc about them? Or is it just tiredness and stress? {HUGS}

Mim said...

Oh boy, I hope your day improved as it went on. *hugs*

yodaobi said...

Actually it got a whole lot worse.

Major migraine. The thing I hate the most (besides the pain and vomiting) is the day after I feel fine but look like DEATH!

I am back at work but am wearing a ton of makeup to cover broken blood vessels.