Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I woke up again today with a headache. It's happened so often lately that I seriously couldn’t remember the last day I didn't have large amounts of coffee and pain killers to just function throughout the day.
So I sighed THAT's ENOUGH and decided to spend the day in bed.
James took the day off and kept the Liam monster at bay.

So far no pain killers or caffeine and I'm still alive. (Although I have a neck ache and my entire face is numb)


I’m running a bath so that will take care of that. I’m also hoping that I’m not in too much discomfort tomorrow and can make it to the last day of the LIANZA conference.

What I wanted to talk about was the last couple of weeks (probably contributing to my overwrought state.

House Sitting and Arse soup.
I had a really busy couple of weeks in the end of October and I’m now happily enjoying a little Rn’R. My Mum-in-Law flew to Abu Dhabi to visit her hubbie who’s currently working out there. The day after she leaves Bex, my sister-in-law, has her gallbladder out. Fearing her feeling alone and rejected I did my best to fill the gap my Mother-in-law left so visited/text as much as I could.
Most nights I wasn’t getting to bed till after midnight. One crazy day included a full days work, visit Bex in the hospital, go home feed ourselves and attempt to feed the boy, put Liam in the bath and then drive over to the In-laws’ while James put the boy to bed. Feed the cats, clean cat puke from the couch, bed and floor (poor kitty) try to pat all four cats. Empty the mail box, email the inlaws so Mum-in-law wasn’t worrying about her daughter or house and drive back home, make Liam’s lunch for crèche the next day and then have a shower/bath because I know I’m going to be too tired in the morning to wash myself. (PHEW)

Later in the week after Bex’s second op and discharge I made the most disgustingly healthy soup (steamed courgette, green beans and celery) Before work Saturday morning, I delivered the now lovingly named Arse soup along with baby food and a basket of fresh fruit and veggies. In an amazing show of support I had arse soup for lunch too.. It was not awesome at all.

Throw in costume making for Halloween and I’m one worn down Yoda. Good thing I like being helpful. One thing I really enjoyed whilst house sitting (hangs head in geek shame) was ordering the McFadgen shelves. It pained me to see Terry Pratchett’s books spread over four shelves. Trilogy’s separated and genre’s mixed. Sitting in the lounge now fills me with a sense of calm and order knowing that books by the same authors are reunited (STOP JUDGING ME!!!)

WOW What a Rant!

More tomorrow


Mim said...

It is a source of great torment to me that I do not have enough bookshelves to properly order my book collection. They are crammed randomly onto the shelves, stacked 2 deep where ever they will fit. It makes me sad.

The main problem is that we have run out of walls to put them against. Which is why we need to build an extension on the house. Never mind extra rooms, I want extra walls.

Penny said...

I'm like Mim - I suffer in silence because we don't have sufficient wall/bookshelf space. However, where ever possible I have put like authors together.

I must train my children to do the same.....

Hope you feel better after a rest! I reckon you've been overdoing it. I always get headaches when I have too little sleep and too much stress. *virtual shoulder massage*

If you get this b4 going to conference, say hello to my friend Constance Wiebrands - she's a blogging librarian friend from Perth.