Saturday, November 1, 2008

Red Hot Chilli PEPPER

aaaaw bless!

I really hope I can survive NaBloPoMo.
Here is my first post of HOPEFULLY many...

Last night my son’s crèche had a party with the theme of "Healthy Eating".

As usual I went a bit silly with the costume-making and went “all out” with William’s costume. (I think I was up till 1am both Wednesday and Thursday nights making it!)

I started, as usual looking online for costume ideas, Being a big Red Hot Chilli pepper fan and quite liked this one:

When William woke up yesterday morning I said (drowning out his “leeemealooone mummy”) “Good morning my sweet boy. You get to wear your costume today” then later when I tried to get his track pants and jumper on he got cross with me: “That’s not a costume mummy”
Needless to say he went to crèche yesterday morning fully dressed in his costume making all in his wake smile or at least make that stupid raised eyebrow puckered lipped “aaaaaawww” face that most people make when they see ever-so-cute baby ducklings/kittys. I simply had to go to the crèche via my work to show him/my hard work off.

When we finally got to Will's crèche several of his teachers dashed inside for their cameras and many of his little friends ran to him laughing. One boy thought he was a DINOSAUR. lol

I quickly changed him back into his play clothes after he was suitably fussed over and made it into work a little shy of 9am.

We had a pretty good party. Each teacher had a table where they were making something yummy. We had fruit Skewering, pumpkin muffin making, sushi rolling and heaps of yummy activities. The highlight of the night was when I won a basket of fresh fruit (Raspberries, strawberries, a pineapple and a pawpaw, various packets of seeds, a lovely metal children’s gardening set and Kiwifruit body scrub). Yay me!

Those who know me also know I have a compulsion for being incredibly inappropriate and I can’t think of a social situation where I haven’t raised eyebrows. Liam’s crèche naturally is not exempt. Whilst sitting at the sushi rolling table William tried a piece of pepper (not to his liking but Good boy for trying it) I exclaim, probably too loudly “OOH William! That’s cannibalism!” You could have heard a pin drop!

Well this WAS a long post (Probably won’t last the Whole month posting this long!)

OK it's not the most exciting vid but don't you just wanna bite him?


aussiehen said...

Can't wait for the photos, he sounds just adorable.
LOL at the cannibalism comment and TOTALLY appropriate

Mim said...

Ooo, the fruit basket sounds good!

William must have looked adorable. Photos?

yodaobi said...

Husband did good and has dropped off the camera. Just need to find the time at work to get them off the camera, onto facebook and here. I might even try video!!!

Thanx for the comments.

Mim said...

Definitely edible! You did a great job on the costume, no wonder everyone was going all mushy over home :)

yodaobi said...

That's canabalism Mim.

Mim said...

Absolutely! LOL

(How the hell did "him" turn into "home"? Me not type good :P)

Penny said...

He's gorgeous!! LOVE the costume.

And love the comment! Haw haw!