Sunday, November 2, 2008


Although I am sure this post will say the 1st November , being a Kiwi we are several hours ahead of the rest of the world and it’s actually the next morning… (just to clear that up)

I’ve become a little obsessed with my new frozen dessert. Home made sorbet, well I don’t know if you can officially call it sorbet but it’s YUM!
OK real easy.
Step one: Grab a can of fruit in syrup (the bigger the better!) Open can and eat a little of the fruit (as to make room for expanding in the freezer)
Step B: find an even space in the freezer and Freeze entire can
Step TORU: Take out can and using a kitchen whizzer thing go nuts
Step on me: EATs
Things I’ve learnt along the way: when freezing canned plumbs it is VERY IMPORTANT to take out the stones BEFORE you freeze!!! I only thought of this two hours AFTER I put the can in the freezer I ended up standing at the sink with the hot tap running, defrosting my fingers after every de-stoning. Old Ice cream containers are awesome for keeping your sorbet in. A drop of vanilla goes nicely with pears.
Today (NOV 2!!!) is also the lovely Jacob Cartner's first birthday. Hopefully Heather (from Hen's adventures in Oz) will be blogging about his party. WISH I could have been there.
Kisses to the Birthday Boy

Well I think that's my lot for today.


Penny said...

yummmmm sorbet :)

Mim said...

I totally have "can of fruit" on my shopping list today!