Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dada Dum de dum; Dada Dum de dum

Reading the NZ Herald this morning, James finds an interesting article on robotic legs.

Near the end of the article we all start to freak out.

OK anyone remember 1984?

James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger (yes I had to look up the spelling!) made a certian film...

Judgement day ring any bells?
So I Find Cyberdyne industries web page and YUP it's legit!
Not ONLY have they called thier robotics industry Cyberdyne, they are calling the robot HAL.


Penny said...

ok - I haven't seen the movie so I'm in total innocent ignorant bliss!!! So for me I thought it was rather cool for people with mobility problems. Maybe (in the future) it could mean freedom from a wheelchair for people like my tetraplegic friend.

yodaobi said...

OH it's all kittens and puppies and help the diffrently abled people NOW...
Then it's DESTROY all humans, Terminator's rule the world goodbye humanity!