Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I've had a really long and lovely day
Spent the last two hours cuddled up with James on the couch watching Season 1 Buffy DVDs... aaaww

The morning was spent hanging out with Liam, cleaning clothes and pottering. Made it to my parents by 1030. When I got there I saw that they had blown up balloons and put up Happy birthday banners up
We had cakes and prezzies and then popped out for a spot of shopping.
Yesterday on Waiheke Is. my sneakers died so I needed to pick up some new shoes and other bits n bobs.

all n all a lovely day.

OK Before I go a wee bit of trivia.
EVERYTIME I mention NaBloPoMo James insists on calling it SloMoPoFo
I asked him if it meant anything to him
It turns out SloMoPoFo is a game he played in Theatresports so called for Slow Motion Poison Forearm. It's a game where you have to fight CONVINCINGLY in slow motion. But being in slow motion you can see the other players moves WAY ahead of time BUT you STILL have to react in slo mo. The only way you can KILL your oponent is to touch them with your "poison forearm"

OK night then
Off to bed!

PHEW JUST made it.

Sounds fun.


aussiehen said...

hee hee you sneaked that one in.

Glad you've had a good birthday, wished we could have celebrated with you.

Mim said...

SloMoPoFo sounds like awesome fun :)

It's a very long time since I watched any S1 Buffy, I'm looking forward to Caitlin getting old enough to watch them with me, only a few more years to go!

Penny said...

wooo! just a few mins to spare there girl!

ha - theatre sports! they were fun.