Tuesday, November 25, 2008

OOH Two for Tuesday!

One thing I forgot to mention in zekes-bleeding was that he was BOTH unwarranted and unregistered when it broke down. It was REALLY lucky the cop that stopped to see if I was OK didn’t check those things because I had NO IDEA. I thought James had done the rego that week so wasn’t having preverbal kittens. Little did I know that he tried to register the car only to find out he had let the WOF run out.

When do you actually call it quits on a car?

We just got a quote for Zeke... He needs new break pads, radiator, wheels and side mirror. We've been quoted around $1400 for the repair work. I don't think that the car is actually worth that much BUT once it's fixed we could probably get years more from him.

I don't want to give up on such a reliable little car but perhaps we are being silly. Toyota Rolly's are pretty popular and I'm sure we could have gotten second hand parts BUT these things all take time and effort and quite frankly I don't think we have the energy or know-how to do it.

I guess James and I just have to bite the bullet cough up the dough and get poor Zeke roadworthy again.

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Penny said...

Whoa! That was sure lucky.

I was driving around with my license expired for a couple of months until I used it as ID at the bank and they told me. Turns out they sent the renewal notice to the wrong address. *sigh*

Ugh - I hate car related stuff. My car could do with renewing but we just have to keep it going for a few years yet...

BTW - just to make you laugh, Tim calls Toyota cars "Ty-woda" cars.